Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen: Here´s to an Uncertain Future


x240-gljCan we prepare for the future based on our past? ´cause basically that´s what history is all about, to learn from our mistakes and prepare ourselves for what is to come based on what we have experience but… can we really be prepare?

That´s the question that Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen had its protagonists asking themselves and hence we find ourselves asking ourselves the same question. ´Cause we all know no matter how much we look back on our lives to be prepared, the only certain thing in life is that life is uncertain.

Just like the future of this great show is at the moment; something that having seen this episode, I can´t help but think the writers already knew but let´s not the well so much on that and move onto the episode itself:

The episode starts with Riley and Maya on the Bay window, talking about how they have nothing else to do as Maya puts it ´cause the have “done everything” and this pushing Riley to think of an awesome idea, which it turns out to be having their sweet sixteens now though they are still 15.

This seemingly sudden random -and silly!- idea gets quickly overlooked by Maya -who´s going to go along with it anyway ´cause party-, but it actually makes so much sense from a teenage´s -or kids perspective-. later expanded on and explored in Cory´s class, which actually makes sense -unlike in so many other episodes-

As kids, we can´t  wait for the future to be here now; we want to be older in order to be able to drive, stay up later, watch higher rated movies, go out at night, etc. We want the future now ´cause we think everything will be so much better and cooler when we are 12, 16, 19, 21 and so on; until… we find ourselves in the future and we figure that it isn´t necessarily true.

maxresdefaultBecause yes, the future can bring cooler things, but it can also bring more complicated issues and decisions that you wouldn´t have to make as a kid, just like Riley discovers when Cory assigns them to think themselves as being 16 right now and the decisions they would have to make, making and especial emphasis on thinking about their own personal landmarks in order to see what´s going to happen.

But the real trick here is that the landmarks might help them to predict the future only to a certain point ´cause life will always throw you some curve balls, so the real lesson, in the end, is about how your past experiences can help you confront the uncertainty of the future.

As Riley put it in class, we can´t control what happens, ´cause for example; we didn´t ask to be born but what we can do, is be grateful for what we do have and try and keep the people that we care about close no matter what. Which as a person that has moved a lot around since I was a child I can kind of understand, I mean I never kept my friends close after moving and I always blamed it on the lack of technology we have now, but I guess that if I really wanted to, I could have kept in touch anyway -it´s something that I have to improve about myself now-.


And this right here, is why I´ll miss this show so much, ´cause this episode could have been just a silly/funny episode about a sweet sixteen party; but in true GMW -and BMW-fashion it prefered to be something more, a real life lesson about letting yourself live in the present and not to rush so much to the future, to enjoy it.

To prepare for the future in the best way you can, without forgetting that life it´s always unexpected and nothing is for certain, but that doesn´t necessarily mean that you can´t ready yourself for it and better confront it.

And that, in the end, is GMW on a notself. A show that teaches us, that makes us think while still keeping us on a positive headspace and giving us hope, so here´s to GMW and it´s uncertain future, ´cause hope, hope is not for suckers after all.


Things on the Bay Window

  • “´Cause you see I just turned 15 and you´re 8” XD yeahp, that´s what I think of Riley most of the time XD XD XD
  • “I win the Nobel prize for physics” “Smackle we just got born” “ok, I´ll wait” Smackle! I really love Smackle ❤ and do agree on what the actress said during the World Meets Girl special episodes, I don´t think we had enough of her
  • “´cause we´re all going to have it now when we´re all 15 and you´re 24” XD Maya
  • We also needed more Zay! :´(
  • Maya and Riley before Lucas and Riley, duh! Although Smackle made a really good point on it being like that maybe because other kinds of relationships are still new to them and they don´t know yet; after all it was Cory&Shawn before everyone in the past and now though they like to joke it´s Cory&Topanga, Shawn&Kathy -for me it´s been family first for a long time, but who knows in the future-
  • I also appreciated the Riley>Maya role reversal, with Riley being now the one that wants things to stay still and not change and Maya being the one reassuring her when it was the other way around in Girl Meets Bay Window
  • “I´ll just clone you and do terrible things to the clone” XD Farkle
  • “What kind of idiot gives up a top school for someone else!” Ohhhhh Topanga you walked right into that one
  • “Thank you, we are Smarkle!” ❤




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