Shadowhunters: They Say The Third Time´s The Charm


So Grimm is ending and Teen Wolf is leaving, and although I still have Supernatural -Thank Chuck!- I figured it was time to look for another series about paranormal stuff to fill the void in my heart that these series -mainly Teen Wolf- will be leaving in my heart and so… Shadowhunters appeared.

shadowhunters-season-2-trailer-premieres-on-january-2-at-8pm-7cYes, I know, the series premiered like more than a year ago – I think-, so how come it´s only now that I´m getting into it? Well… I did see the premiere via Netflix, but… let´s just say it didn´t make that big of an impression, ´cause I really thought that the acting wasn’t that good -bearing some exceptions-, the visual effects and action severely lacking, the dialogue cringe worthy at times and the story… well let´s leave at the fact that I have read the first 3 books of Cassandra Clare´s Mortal Instruments series and I´m not dying to read the rest, so yeah…. I gave up.

Luckily, some of my friends bared with the series and stuck to it and then they told me that it actually got better and if I didn´t like the main character(s) -which was the case-, there were others and some story developments -different from the books- that more than made up for it-, so… were they right?

Well…, I´m here right now writing about this TV show, aren´t I?

Anyhow thank´s to deal a that Netflix has with Freeform, I was able to watch the 1st season of the series 3 weeks after the premiere of the 2nd season, and I have to tell you there´s something about binge-watching a series in a week that makes you really appreciate the changes and the growth that it has.

shadowhunters-season-2-episode-1-spoilers-airdate-what-to-expect-when-the-show-returns´Cause while the first season really wasn´t that good, I have to admit that it got minimally better, at least with the acting and some of the plot detours -it took me like 3 or 4 episodes to notice that they were definitely adding, mixing and losing some things from the books-, ´cause the action and dialogue… yeah, let´s just not talk about those.

So no, I´m not above admitting that I basically skipped -or not really, more like didn´t pay attention to- season 1 episodes unless my favorite characters were involved -Alec of course, Magnus, Izzy, Simon, I even liked Lydia I think-, but now, now I´m on my way to getting seriously invested.

Season 2 has new showrunners, and it´s noticeable. There´s more and better action scenes, the characters are developing in and out of their relationships -for those that are sort of in one-, and the story is getting more compelling and unpredictable, tackling actual social issues that are relevant nowadays, just enhanced in a paranormal way.


For example; we have discrimination against certain races and/or ethnic groups with the Shadowhunters posture against the Downworlders, traditionalism vs new ideologies or worldviews in the Shadowhunters ranks, self-acceptance with Alec´s sexuality issue, and even addictions with Isabelle.

shadow-690x388It seems that apart from understanding that the show couldn´t be sustained just by Jace and Clary, the new showrunners have also gotten that it´s not enough to have and overall arc, but that they also need to somehow have relatable issues and stories that allow their core characters to develop in order to get people to tune in on a week to week basis.

And it also helps that they also seem to have watched carefully what worked and what didn´t work about the previous season so they can work more on the things that worked, which is why; I´m sure they are giving so much more attention to the development of the relationship between Alec and Magnus -Malec-, something I feel thankful for, since I liked the idea of the couple in the books but not so much the execution -or lack of execution-.


So yeah, I wasn´t really a big fan of the books -I liked them enough I guess, or at least the first 3 I read-, and the movie…. well I didn´t hate it; but now, now I´m actually becoming a fan.

And as for those people that have issues with the TV show not really following the books, well… let´s keep in mind that it´s based on them, it´s not a carbon copy and the pacing of the books is kind of slow -as far as I remember-, something that wouldn´t work in a TV series -and it also helps to make it surprising to those that have already read all of the books-, the characters were age up probably to target the demographic group of the network it is now in, and in my opinion it´s working.

baa20127-e5ef-48fd-b1e0-d97bafefcd35But then again, I wasn´t a big fan of the books so what do I know. The only thing that I do know for sure, is that Shadowhunters it´s remaining me a lot to Teen Wolf, and it´s not only because of the paranormal aspects in both series. But the fact that both are based on previous fan´s favorite materials; had a kind of lousy 1st season, decided to become an ensemble show after that one, and have made so many changes to the original story that they have become their own thing.

So yeah, things seem to be pointing in a good direction, so maybe, just maybe I have found what will keep me going once Teen Wolf is gone. But what about you, have you seen Shadowhunters? Did you read the books? Like them? Do you agree with me that the changes made are for the best?








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