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#SnapSnapThursdays.-Middlemarch “Early Thoughts”


Early reading thoughts




Snap, Snap Thursdays is a weekly meme originally hosted and created by Rebeca at “Books and Messy Buns”,that anyone can join.

Since her blog is going through some changes and I really like her weekly memes, I asked for permission to continue with them and here we are.

Anyhow, all you have to participate is:

  • Pick up the book you’re currently reading (or read last)
  • Take a picture of it
  • Make a post in your own blog where you share the photo and link back to my blog as the host
  • Share the link to your post in the comments’ section here for the book community to see:)

Note: Please refer the creator of the meme and the host (this blog/this post) in your own post and leave a comment down below with a link to your SST so all the participant can have a look and share their thoughts too!

My Picture:


I feel like I have been here, with I book that I should have loved and been able to read pretty quickly but for some reason, it just doesn´t click –Battle Royale, is that you again?-

So… maybe the classics are not for me? Or maybe it´s just this book because I´m sure that I have enjoyed some other literature classics but for some reason, I haven´t been able to 100% enjoy Middlemarch.

Don´t take me wrong, it´s quite and interesting book and I really like how George Elliot narrates and describe things, and it´s certainly and interesting view on society back then, especially when you contrast it with society these days and realize that sadly things haven´t changed as much as we´d like to believe, but outside of that…. I guess my real issue once again is the main character, or the main character so far: Dorothea -I keep waiting for the moment the story will focus more in Celia, who I like more-.

Anyhow, maybe it was too ambitious on my part to think that I´d be able to read this book in just 1 month or less, ´cause at this pace, I really think I´d be lucky if I finish it before the year ends, but that doesn´t necessarily mean that I won´t finish it! Just that it won´t be a priority and it might take me a while.

So… while I´m not particularly loving Middlemarch right now, things could change in the future, but what about you? have you read Middlemarch? Did you like it? What am I don´t getting? Was Dorothea as exasperating to you as she is to me?


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