Girl Meets Goodbye: To Find Your Place


I was not ready for this, it´s been weeks and I´m still not ready, and maybe, maybe  I´ll never be. ´Cause this show still had a lot to give, and proof of that are episodes like this one, that managed to perfectly balance fan-service, humor, feels and life lessons.

As I have mentioned before, Girl Meets World and I have had our issues, but still, I love -loved?- this show so much that watching this episode actually made me tear up a little -and I don´t cry!-, therefore it´s just now, that I´m sort of able to write about this episode, which in true GMW fashion, though it was a goodbye of sorts; somehow it still managed to leave me feeling hopeful.

But, let´s leave that aside for the moment and dig deeper into Girl Meets Goodbye

If I was suspicious with Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen, this episode convinced me for sure that the writers knew for a while that Disney was cancelling their show, after all, the episode pretty much talked about how sometimes it´s necessary to move on and leave some things behind in order to grow up and have other experiences. Which made this episode one of the most meta ones the series has had -along with Girl Meets Communism, Home for the Holidays, Sweet Sixteen, etc.


Anyhow, in the previous episode, Topanga threw a pretty big bomb to her family when she explained that the law firm she has been working for, had offered to make her partner and head of one of their offices -this obviously included a pretty big raise on her salary besides the partnership-, but there was a catch, and that was that the office Topanga would be leading was located in London.

Now, money has never seemed to be an issue for the Matthews family, which has 2 working parents and a business on their own, so obviously that alone wouldn´t be reason enough for Topanga to consider moving to the other half of the world, but… the opportunity alone, the recognition and prestige; that´s another thing ´cause we know for a fact that Topanga has already given up on other opportunities -Yale- in order to stay with Cory, and she has worked really hard as lawyer, so to ask Topanga to once more give up on this opportunity seemed bad, which is why I´m happy the Matthews didn´t go in that direction.

auggie_with_morgan_i__morgan_ii_3x21I mean yes, Auggie and Riley were upset about possibly moving to London, as it was to be expected; but though they didn´t like the idea at all at least they were able to recognize that Topanga is a good mother and has always done what she thought best for her family. So it´s no wonder this decision was so difficult for her and therefore decided to call everyone close to her -minus her own parents it seems- in order to get their input.

But in the end, where this episode really shined -at least for me-, was the fact that it not only focused on the maybe/sort of goodbye but rather on how life sometimes can change whether we like it or not and though we might not be happy with those changes, sometimes in the long run, they can actually be for the better.´Cause Shawn pointed out if they had never left Philadephia, to begin, with Riley wouldn´t have met Maya, Farkle, Lucas, Zay, and Smackle. Shawn wouldn´t have met Kathy and finally have a family on his own, etc.

maya__riley_3x21So… yes, change can be scary, but it doesn´t have to be a bad thing, and at times it can actually be necessary in order to grow up and improve yourself -Belgium 1831-. But… that being said the same could be said about the opposite, and staying can actually be a good thing, ´cause a much as it´s important to know when to move on, it´s equally important to recognize which is the place you belong to and when it´s time to stop running -Shawn, I´m looking at you-.

Therefore, while I was worried that they would move to London due to the cancellation, in the end, I wasn´t that surprised when Topanga decided they wouldn´t be going anywhere, ´cause as I mentioned before is not as if they needed to move in order to have a better life -since they don´t have any financial issues and are doing in fact really well-, and sometimes what families need more it´s stability -god knows my family could have used that-, and knowing that your kids are growing up in a good environment, surrounded by people that genuinely care for them, so yes, it made more sense for them to stay.

´Cause at the end of the day, it was not only about Cory´s and Topanga´s kids knowing where they belong, but also about Topanga finally finding her place, the place that makes her happy and realizing that while she might love to be a lawyer she doesn´t have to be partner in order to be happy, ´cause sometimes it´s the simple things -those that we sometimes overlook- what makes us happy.


So yeah…, Girl Meets World has finished, or at least it has for now, but while I´m still sad to have seen the series go so soon, I can´t help but feel hopeful because I know that this series belongs in the hearts and minds of lots of people, and that, that´s what give me hope.

But what did you think about the final? Did you like it? Are you still as hopeful as I am?

Things on the Bay Window

  • “Remember our third best friend Carrie Abelson?” “Oh yeah! What happened to her?””She moved across the street!” XD XD XD
  • The Eric&Feeny reunion was gold “I taught you that!” “And I taught you everything else” “Then why don´t I know anything!”
  • The conversation between the two Morgans and Auggie was both funny and deep, with they assuring him he was important and they emphasizing how exchangeable they were! XD
  • The Shawn and Turner reunion! ❤ I have wanted the two of them to reunite for a long time! “Hey Shawn´s wife, boy it makes me happy saying that” “I always regretted that I didn´t adopt Shawn”
  • “Can you hold your little Topanga horses”
  • “I´m Maya Hunter”, “Da-Dad, Daddy, Dad, Daady, Dad” “Hey Dad, I´m sorry”, “For what?”, “For everything, I´m gonna do” XD ❤
  • “Who´s gonna play Topanga!””Wait a second I can play Topanga” Eric XD
  • “Life moves fast” “Life does a good job”
  • “I´ll never forget the first time we saw you in the hospital’s delivery room”
  • Somehow, I´m not surprised Eric was the one that gave the best advice
  • “Just want to let you know that I´ll make sure Lucas it´s ok”, “you will”, “oh I´ll walk him, feed him, make sure he doesn´t forget about you.”
  • “Smackle I´m feeling something”, “Sadness!” XD I love Zay and Smackle so much, I´m really gonna miss them, we really didn´t have enough of them
  • Ava and Auggie ❤ :´(
  • Boy Meets World feels! :´(






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