Loved it/Hated it

The Last Valentine by Felix Alexander

Loved it-hated it

A true valentine to Valentine´s.

As I mentioned in my previous post about my Valentine´s book list, it´s been a very long time since I last had the opportunity to read a book thanks to @Booktasters and not because I didn’t want to -quite the contrary-, but because this year I have decided to have an specific theme per month -or at least try to- and ´til now, I didn´t feel like the books they had available fitted with the theme.

But luckily, this month there was The Last Valentine by Felix Alexander, who right from the beginning I got, has the soul of a real poet.

32978448´Cause besides its surprisingly thrilling political-historical story, packed in mysteries; The Last Valentine is really and ode to love and romance, and I mean all kinds of it; from the passionate one, to the possessive one, the obsessive one; the love born of patience and understanding, of words and communication; the love that like a flame is ignited instantly, the one that is everlasting, the one that is meant to be, the one that´s forbidden, earned, given, that destroys and lifts spirits, etc.

This book is all about it, the different notions of love and the actions that people commit because of it, so it shouldn´t come as a surprise that I absolutely loved it!

But the beautifully written narration of Felix Alexander isn´t all there is to this book; since in a surprising twist, the story turned out to be more of a mystery novel and a political-historical thriller. Which I actually found exquisite, ´cause I really felt like it had it all! there was drama -like all love stories use to have-, some intrigue, social comments, historical facts -mainly about Puerto Rico since the story is set there, but also about Latin America countries post

There was drama -like all love stories use to have-, some intrigue, social comments, historical facts -mainly about Puerto Rico since the story is set there, but also about Latin America countries post imperialism-, and a compelling mystery that made me follow each event and character in order to fit the puzzle pieces together -which was actually easy-; and made me excited when I turned out to be right!

Now, admittedly the book started a little slow for my liking, and at the beginning, I didn´t get why it started like it did, but a quarter into the book, it was really difficult to me to stop reading ´cause things just kept getting better and better. And what´s more, Felix Alexander has such a way with words describing the traditions and beliefs of the people from Old Siena; as well as the place, that it actually made me want to visit Puerto Rico just to get a glimpse of the people and the places that inspired him to create this magical and romantic place.

So yeah, color me impressed and completely enthralled ´cause as I mentioned before I really loved this book and if you like to read to read about romance, poetry, exotic places, history, mysteries, chance are you will also absolutely love it! Be it if you have been in love or not.

In fact, if I were to have any complaints it would be only the slow start, but then again it´s really just at the beginning so…, there´s also Olivia Villalobos -one of the main characters-, whose actions I couldn´t get behind and I didn´t understand at all, and at the and seem to me like kind of a terrible person, but then again that´s on me and the perception I got from her, and in the end I didn´t hate her -like other characters in the past- so there´s that.

Anyhow, have you read The Last Valentine? -if not, I can´t recommend it enough- What are you reading right now?



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