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Why The Good Place Totally Deserves The Season 2 Order

Last fall I made a list of all the shows that I wanted to see in 2016-2017, ´cause back then it was my intention to not only watch all of them but also review some. Needless to say that real life had other plans and now I can barely keep with all the things I want to read, watch and write, but… anyway.

goodplace-keyart-responsiveAnyway between all of these new shows, there was a little NBC comedy wich only had a 13 episode order this season and had Kristen Bell as it´s protagonist.

Now I´m not a big Kristen Bell fan, I mean I know she did Ana´s voice in Frozen -I think-  and that she was the lead on the fan favorite series Veronica Mars -which for some reason I never got to watch-, so… quite frankly the only reason why I decided to watch the series was because the trailer sold it to me.

But I could have never imagined that The Good Place -the show mentioned- would become one of my favorites, my favorite comedy -so far-, and the one show that I couldn´t miss at all!

Reasons to love The Good Place I´ve got plenty, ´cause yes, it´s just that good; but since this is already turning out to be a long post, I decided to just enlist some of the reasons why this is such a forking awesome show.

   #1.- The Story & Concept

The Good Place - Season 1

Eleanor Shellstrop is dead. But don´t worry! Everything is good!, ´cause you see, she is in “The Good Place”, the… well place where every good person goes after death. ´Cause yeah, it turns out that everything they told us at church and ethics class it´s true -kind of-, and every good or bad deed you do in life does matter, as well as every choice you make, ´cause there´s someone keeping and astral score which will determine whether you go to “The Good Place” where you would get everything you have ever wanted and also have the chance to meet your soulmate, or… “The Bad Place” where… well I think you can imagine.

Anyhow the point is that everything it´s ok and dandy ´cause Eleanor´s good deeds while alive have made her deserving of a spot in this paradise, where except for being unable to swear -What the Fork?!- everything it´s perfect or, is it? After all trash storms, giant shrimps attacks and underworld craters can´t be good, so… what is it happening here?


Well… these disasters might just be a design mistake made by Michael (Ted Danson), the new architect that designed the place, or… it might have something to do with the fact that Eleanor isn´t exactly who everyone thinks, ´cause yeah, her name is Eleanor Shellstrop but she wasn´t a lawyer, didn´t do any international humanitarian work while alive, and definitely doesn´t like clowns!

That´s the simple but captivating plot of The Good Place, in which Eleanor has to do what she never did while alive -become a better person-, in order to avoid going to “The Bad Place” and stop causing ´catastrophes in the neighborhood. To help her in this mission -reluctantly- it´s Chidi (William Jackson Harper), her “soulmate”, who was an indecisive ethics professor while alive and now finds himself in the biggest moral conflict of his life existence.


But that´s not all! ´Cause every single episode ends with a twist, which makes this comedy different from so many others since it actually has an overall arc -storyline- that advances with the episodes and just like in a mystery series one can not help but hypothesize on what the heck is going on!

#2.-Kristen Bell

As I mentioned before, I have never been a Kristen Bell fan, but consider me one now. ´Cause she is incredible in this role, she´s funny, cool, entertaining, but also conflicted and very likable!


I mean Eleanore could have easily been an unsympathetic character who I hated, ´cause let´s be honest, her character lets things to be desired; but Kristen Bell´s portrayal is something else, ´cause even when Eleanore it´s being kind of a… bitch jerk, she still manages to be likable! And one can´t help but want to be on her side!

So, yeah, sufficient to say that I´m a Kristen Bell fan now, and there seems to be another of those few TVshows -not bearing animes-, in which the main character has turned out to be my favorite one!

#3.- The Overall Message

I think that every good show I have seen in my life has had an under layered message or at least the ones that belong to my generation -´cause I haven´t seen enough elder TV series to say the same about them-, and that´s awesome, ´cause it kind of makes watching TV a social study. After all is a well-known fact that more often than not art imitates reality -though sometimes it´s a little too frightening how it can also be the other way around-.

So it wasn´t really surprising to find out that The Good Place has this quality too, ´cause as I mentioned, I do believe that all good shows have it and this is, without doubt a great one. But what really makes The Good Place stand out -or at least in my opinion-. is the fact that I truly believe that everyone can relate to the message, about there being no excuse for not being the best person you can be, ´cause no matter how bad you have it, there´s always someone out there having it worse than you.though in the past I have been able to

The series also has something to say about every action and decision you make counting, and how we should make the most of our lives, as well as second chances and how it should never be too late to change.

#4.- It´s Smart!

Not only because of the plot and the twists, but also because of the characters, their relationships, how the issues get solve and the dialogue! God the dialogue!

This show is incredibly smart and clever, in fact, my friends and I have fun using the words fork and bullshirt as replacements for the bad words commonly use, ´cause it´s extremely fun!


#5.- The Supporting Cast

From Tahani, to Chidi, Michael, Janet and even Jianyu; I always have a problem deciding on wich character I like the most ´cause I really like all of them, they are all funny on their own way, and very sympathetic.The Good Place - Season 1

´Cause while at the beginning I wasn´t sure if I could like someone as seemingly disgustingly good as Tahani or as silly as Jianyu”, in the end, I really felt for Tahani and could appreciate where she was coming from, and even got to like “Jianyu´s” sort of innocence.

That being said, though I love Eleanore and I liked Michael and Chidi from the get go, now that I think about it…. Janet, Janet it´s my favorite character! and I really have to give kudos to actress D´Arcy Carden for being able to pay so many different kinds of Janet and all of them hilarious in their own way -can´t wait to see what other Janets we´ll see on season 2-


So… as you can see The Good Place is a really good, clever and surprisingly insightful comedy, which  is why I´m more than thrilled to see that NBC gave it a secon season, ´cause it totally deserves it, so… if you haven´t seen it yet, what the heck are you waitting for?




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