Calling my name

Blooming Books for March

Calling my name


19624infocusbookreviewsSo… once again I´m a little late with my book picks for the month, and at this point, it really shouldn´t  really surprise anyone, especially me. ´Cause apparently I´m overly ambitious and I always want to read more books than I have time to

Case in point, I´m still reading La Gente Que Viene y Bah, the third book on my February book picks.

But I´m nothing if not optimistic when reading books, so… hopefully, I´ll be done with that book this week -fingerscrossed-, and next week I should probably be able to start with my March reads.

Anyway, this time choosing the books was kind of a challenge, ´cause the only thing that came to my mind when thinking about march was… well Spring, and while I enjoy the YA genre -although sometimes I question why I read it at all-, I didn´t want to read only that in March, so… I had to think more about other things related to March -at least in my country- besides spring, so this list is a little all over the place, but I suspect that will also be the case with some other months so… without further ado, here we go:

 Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space Race

Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space Race

No, I haven´t seen the movie yet, it´s on my list of movies to watch this year, but for some reason or another I was unable to go and watch it in the cinema; I could probably stream it in a few moths I guess, but since today is International Woman´s Day, i figure this would be a good read.

If you also haven´t seen the movie yet, nor the trailers of said movie, I think that the title it´s pretty self-explanatory, ´casue this book apparently tells the story of the unsung heroes of the Space Race, that history “forgot” to mention, but who without going to the moon would still be a dream, as well as so many other things I guess.

So yeah, I can´t wait to start reading next week.

Eleanore & Park


Whoever has read this blog must know that I became a big Rainbow Rowell fan after reading Fangirl, a read quickly followed by Carry On -which I absolutely loved-, so yeah I have pretty much acquired all of Rainbow Rowell´s books I have been able to -including and Spanish version of Fangirl- but while I have them on my electronic bookshelf, I haven´t read them yet.

Being the main reason because -just like with Fred-I don´t want to be done with her books -though I still have Attachments and Landlines to read-, and also that ´till now the theme hadn´t match the one of my book picks for the month, but… since it´s spring also time for new beginnings after the cold winter -though it´s never cold where I live-, I thought it was time to return to Rainbow Rowell´s world and I couldn´t be more excited!

The Memory Box


As most people reading this blog must be tired of me repeating each month, I´m part of a  book club community named The Polished Bookworms where we read a book -each month- and then post some manicure inspired by it -nail art-.

Last month´s pick was Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard which I did try to read but ultimately I gave up on ´cause it had a really slow beginning but I might try reading again sometime during the year -or the next one!-. anyhow… March´s read is the Memory Box a psychological thriller that tells the story of Caroline Thompson, mother of two, who due to the prop of her social group decides to look herself on Google, everything is ok and dandy until way after the meeting has finished, Caroline decides to look herself with her maiden name and then…. all the worms are out of the can; ´cause there´s an obituary for her sister JD, along with other bigger and more alarming allegations, that… can´t be true, can they?

So… yeah, I´m a junky to mystery novels, and those often go hand in hand with thrillers, so this month I´m definitely reading the book picked.

Chapopote: Ficción Historica del Petróleo en México


Oil, Oil is a really important thing globally I guess, but right around the time of the Mexican revolution, it became and integral part of Mexico´s history, with the whole “Expropiación Petrolera” -Oil Expropriation- thing, which we actually commemorate on March 18th, so… I thought it was a good idea to include it on my months reads, especially considering that Oil is basically what keeps the state I live on moving and I barely know anything about its history in Mexico besides the basics I learned at school.

So… I´m hoping that this being a fictional historical novel, based on real information -due to the research made by Luis Vielma Lobo-  will help me understand it better, though… I don´t know for sure if I´ll be able to read this book ´cause… first I have to find it, and two I´m already behind on my reading.

Anyhow, this are my book picks for March, a little all over the place with the themes I know -Woman´s Day, Oil, Spring and the psychological thriller-, but at least I was able to sort of relate it to the month, right? But, what are you reading this month?






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