Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 10 “By the Light of Dawn”.-A Storm is Coming


shadowhunters-season-2-trailer-premieres-on-january-2-at-8pm-7cIf you had told me a couple of weeks ago that I would be here writing about Shadowhunters of all shows, I would have pegged you as crazy, ´cause yeah…, that first episode was awful.

But here we are after 23 episodes, so there must be something to this show, right?

Well…, Shadowhunters is still not on Teen Wolf levels of awesomeness, but it´s getting there! ´cause as I have mentioned before season 2 is really a vast improvement to season 1. I´m finally fully invested in the characters and what´s happening with them outside of the overall plot, and that I have always believed, it´s the markings of good TV; when you start to care so much for the characters that the plot is just an extra.

But it wasn´t until this week episode that I had the need to write about one of this show episodes, ´cause… things got real pretty quickly in the Winter Finale.

s02e10_17 So… we started the episode with a security bridge on the Institute, which right away lets us know that we are going to be on for a fun and more action packed episode than usual -although it´s worth mentioning that the last 2 or 3 episodes were also like that, more intense, so there-.

Now at the beginning, I was wondering how come it was so easy to get in the Institue after Magnus reinforced the barriers in season 1 -I think?-, but then it hit me, it was because of Madzie and Magnus stolen book! So kudos to the writers and showrunners, it seems that they genially know what they are doing and are not just introducing things because.

So yeah, I liked how Madzie´s introduction came into play as well as her brief meeting with Alec all the way back on episode 5, ´cause that´s basically what saved him this time around -since Madzie spared him because she liked him I think-


And speaking about Alec, how misleading was that sneak peek with Luke and Jace! I was all week angsty about Alec´s well being and when you think carefully about it, he was never in real danger, Jace wasn´t really feeling anything from the parabatai rune, he was just concerned because he lost contact with him! Which is valid I guess, but I don´t appreciate the show playing with my feels!

But, then again is a sure way to have viewers tune in immediately when they are concern about the fate of one of their fan favorites.

s02e10_196Another thing that I really appreciated of that scene between Jace and Luke -and that I have been appreciating in the series overall-, is how obviously important this relationship seems to be for Jace, in the books I always felt like Alec was more invested in the whole parabatai thing than Jace -even after he realised he wasn´t in love with him-, but in the show I can really feel their bond and I truly believe Jace cares about Alec as a friend, brother and platonic soulmate would.

And then…, then there was Maia, I didn´t like Maia getting in the way of Jace going to Alec´s side once again, but I do think she has a point and if I were a werewolf, I´d be concerned about my pack leader putting a shadowhunter´s well-being over the whole pack! In fact, I think it would be a nice follow up to bring this up to discussion in season 2B, especially after what happened at the Institute with all of those downworlders.

s02e10_438Speaking of which, how clever was Valentine?! I mean I know he´s the villain and everything, and Jace did come up with a pretty clever plan too -the whole shapeshifting into Clary to save Simon thing-, but Valentine, Valentine was like so many steps ahead of everyone that you have to give the guy some merit because of that.

Having partially raised Jace during his formative years, he knew from the get go that if he believed there was a way to save everyone with his death, he would be the self-sacrificial hero and go for it, which is what he did! Only to discover that that was the plan all along!

That was awesome! And Jace face after he realized what he just did? Kudos to Dominic Sherwood.


Which brings me again to Alec´s reaction -yeah, he´s kind of my favorite character- when he saw all those downworlders and realized that Magnus was in the building. Both his face and Jace´s face when they got what that could mean were priceless ´cause that would have put a pretty big dent on their relationship I guess -not break it, ´cause they are more than brothers, but definitely hurt it-.

s02e10_526Anyhow, Matt totally sold Alec´s desperation and horror before the idea of Magnus potentially being dead, as well as the relief he felt when they finally found each other. But as much as I loved those hugs and the love declaration, I can also see a storm coming.

´Cause the Malec -Magnus and Alec- relationship has been rushing from the get go due to circumstances, and while I totally do believe Alec meant it and Magnus too, I think that it was the circumstances once again what forced their hands into taking this step.

Something I´m sure Magnus is very conscious about it, if his “I love you too” is something to go about.


s02e10_161At this point I believe that Magnus is the more vulnerable of the 2 in this relationship, ´cause Alec has never been hurt before -with this being his first relationship and all- and has somehow got used to the idea that if one of them goes first it will probably be him, but Magnus…, Magnus has been hurt a lot it seems, and he has lost plenty of people, and you could see how much it hurt him -in this episode- to think that Alec would be one more of them, so… yeah I believe Magnus ironically is the one more scare of this relationship and with everything that has happened so far this season, I wouldn´t be that surprised if some problems for the couple come from his way.


And finally… the soul sword, seriously Clary! you had to leave it laying there on the floor! couldn´t you just pick it up and take it with you before going to Jace?!

So how did everything conclude? Well Valentine is now in the custody of the Clave -I guess-, Simon is a Daylighter, the soul sword seems to be deactivated and Madzi is in Catarina´s care, so… everything is ok, right?

Well… let´s see, Jace now knows he´s not Clary´s brother and though he´s keeping it to himself right now expect some drama to come from it; there´s a whole bunch of downworlders dead which I´m pretty much sure would do nothing to improve the relationship between downworlders and shadowhunters so, expect conflict coming from there too; Aldertree has also planted some ideas in Alec´s head about the success of downworlders/shadowhunters relationships, so yeah, more drama; and there´s also the soul sword missing and “someone” seemingly having taken it so… yeah a storm is coming, and a big one!


But what about you? Have you seen Shadowhunters? What did you think about the Winter Finale? What are you more excited to see when Shadowhunters comes back on June 5th?

Laying on Magnus´ Loft

  • So… Raphael is asexual? Nice. Although I hope this is not an excuse to be done with Izzy and Raphael´s relationship, ´cause although I didn´t like it, that would be shitty
  • Speaking of which what was all that scene with Izzy showing up and saving Alec all about? I feel bad for her because I´m getting the impression that the writers don´t know what to do with her character
  • So… I know how is in the books but does Clary really have feelings for Simon here? ´cause it kind of seems like she does, and it would be kind of interesting to see her genially torn between Jace and Simon instead of dumping Simon as soon as she gets they are not brother and sister
  • Magnus can´t do magic without using his hands? Is that a thing in the books? I can´t remember, I mean I do remember the issue with the water but nothing about the hands
  • I know lots of people have problems with the series not being exactly as the book, but isn´t that better? otherwise, we would know exactly what´s happening and that would be kind of boring, wouldn´t it? and so far they seem to have improved some things like Magnus and Alec´s relationship, as well as Jace´s.
  • I´m surprisingly ok with they revealing Jace and Clary are not brother so soon, especially since the whole fandom pretty much knew it already anyway.




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