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#highlightedMondays.- Hidden Figures “Book Review”

Loved it-hated it



Highlighted Mondays is a weekly meme originally hosted and created by Rebeca at “Books and Messy Buns”, that anyone can join.

Since her blog is going through some changes and I really like her weekly memes, I asked for her permission to continue with them and… here we are!

All you have to do to participate is:

  • Pick up the book you’re currently reading (be it a physical or electronic copy)
  • Find a sentence you like (because it’s funny or cute or mysterious or whatever you find interesting)
  • Highlight the sentence
  • Make a post in your own blog where you share your highlighted sentence and link back to my blog as the host.
  • Share the link to your post in the comments’ section here for the book community to see:)

Note: Please refer the creator and of the meme the host (this blog/this post) in your own post and leave a comment down below with a link to your RF so all the participant can have a look and share their thoughts too!

My Highlighted Sentence is:


God! How I wanted to like this book! I really did but…

So I first heard about Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space Race, because of the 2016 movie adaptation –which I haven´t seen yet-, and I thought this would be a cool and interesting story, and it was! Is just that…, there´s something about the writing and narration choices that the author made that… made this such a difficult read.

I mean I understand that she needed to display the social and historical momentum that was taking place back then, in order for people to understand the relevance of the work these women did, as well as how big it was that they did what they did; and while I learned a lot of how racism worked in the United States back then, at times, I couldn´t help but feel like Margot Lee was going on tangents.

And I found myself wondering more than once if I really needed to know where every one of the women mentioned in the book went to school, how they got there, who they married, how they met their husbands, etc.

At times I got it, because it kind of showed how the work one of them did help open doors to the next one, and also showed us that sense of community that apparently is present or was present –I don´t know I´m not American and have never lived with segregation- on black people, but most of the time it just drag the story on and on. That Dorothy´s husband was a doorman, and then the story of the hotel he worked at. That Mary had a group of girl scouts, and then the story of all the lessons, etc. she gave to their girls and how the girl scouts came to me.

I really felt like the author had a problem staying on the subject and that maybe –just maybe-, it would have been better if she stayed with one character as her main protagonist –since after all, it seemed like Mary Johnson was it anyway-

And then, then were all of the technicalities, which as a former engineer I appreciated, ´cause it was cool to see how everything worked –specially back then without computers, well…, at least electronic ones-, but at times, that many specific details also got kind of tedious for me, to the point I just wanted to skip them and continue with the story.

So… as I mentioned before, I really wanted to love this book because I liked the idea, the subject and I also think is important to give relevance to this women, especially nowadays when there are so few of us in the scientific field and even less in upper-level positions; and as I mentioned before I learned lots of things –mainly that sadly we haven´t progressed that much-, but the execution, the execution I felt was really lacking.

So…, I can´t really recommend this book unless you really love history –especially the American one-, and don´t mind technical math and physics speech, but if you only want to read the book for the space race and see how the women helped without all of the long, long, long-narrative, maybe just… watch the movie? –I heard it was great!-


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