#SnapSnapThursdays.- Since You´ve Been Gone “Review”

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My Picture:


So…, I read this book back in February -in fact, it was my second pick– but… for some reason, I didn´t have the time to write about it so… here I am, more than a month after.

Anyway, as you´ll soon see, this time around it was really difficult for me to choose a picture for the #SnapSnapThursdays, mainly because I couldn´t decide between posting a picture of the infamous list that Sloane leaves for Emily or one of the playlist that Frank and Emily share constantly through the book; ´cause oddly enough both things impacted me.

Never would I´ve thought that a book would have me searching Youtube for songs and artist I have never heard nor hear about! Or that I would be adding some of those songs to my own playlist in order to hear them and inspire myself from time to time.

screenshot_2017-02-27-13-54-42.pngEleanor & Park, music seems to play an important role –more in E&P than here really- on how our main couple interacts and gets closer.

And then, there was the list, the list that gave Emily hope of seeing Sloane again, that pushed her to do things out of her comfort, to be bolder and take action, to make new friends and live her life a little more and pushed her to change and perhaps be a better version of herself.

Which also made me wonder if maybe it would be a good idea for me to also make a list of things I have never done but that I secretly wish I had?, like… I don´t know… hook up with someone I have just met? Try bungee jumping? Drive a motorcycle?

Anyway…, back to the book, I liked it from the get-go, though I wasn´t that keen into Emily´s reaction to Sloane´s disappearance -and for the life of me, I couldn´t really figure out why she didn´t tell anyone about it- which at times seemed overly dramatic for my taste, especially when looking at the flashbacks to their friendship Sloane didn´t seem that invested in their friendship.

So, it wasn´t ´til almost finishing the book when it occurred to me that it might have seen like that because I was reading everything from Emily´s perspective –and she wasn´t that confident in herself- and just getting her and other´s people view on their friendship.

Therefore, it also left me blindsided to discover that in the end, I related more to Sloane than Emily, who I found relatable from the get go! But that might be the case, just because like Sloane I used to move around a lot, and making and leaving friends was actually quite painful –especially because back then Internet and cellphones weren´t a thing, or at least not yet-, so… in the end I just stopped trying, either to have friends or saying goodbye to them; and now… now I can´t help but wonder if any of them remembers me or if I left an impact on them.

Anyway, Since You´ve Been Gone, turned out to be a perfectly fun read for Valentine´s –though the book is set in Summer vacations so… perhaps it would be nice to also read it then-, ´cause it was fun and entertaining, it talked a great deal about friends, and how they change our lives for both better and worst, and also about love born out of getting to know a person and being friends with them, being there for them. Which is why, even though I loved Frank and Emily as a couple, a part of me wishes they had stayed friends, but…. then again this is YA-Romance so…

If you want a fun and sweet quick-read, about friendship, summer and romance, you might love this book as much as I did.


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