Calling my name

Books Pouring Down On Me

Calling my name

Once again I´m late with my reading list -this is starting to be the norm now-, but at least I have already finished the first of my  April picks so…. not everything is lost, right?

books-rain-window-favim-com-3591441Anyway last month I was able to read almost all of my March picks -I didn´t read my Spanish book pick-, so let’s hope this month I can do at least as good if not better than March.

So…. for this month the books, I also tried to choose books that had something to do with the things celebrated in April -which were surprisingly plenty- such as kid´s day, book´s day and Gabriel García Márquez -a Colombian journalist, writer, etc.- birthday.

Anyhow, without any further ado, to the list:

The Invisible Library


Irene is a librarian, but not any librarian, she works for The Library a.k.a The Invisible Library, a place that exists between worlds, having access to all of them. 

Her mission, as a librarian, goes beyond arranging and cataloging books, and more often than not involves entering these alternate worlds, developing an identity and getting specific books from each reality at all cost.

As a reward, Irene not only gets to know new worlds, but also gains access to unique books, and works of fiction that no one else has read before, so… for every book lover this is the dream job, or is it?

´Cause Irene has always known and believed that the goal of the library is to keep and preserve books, but suddenly finding herself with lack of information on a mission in a chaos infected world, with an apprentice that is obviously more than he seems and a rouge centuries old librarian on the loose after the same book, well… add to that the fae, a nosey detective and her professional nemesis…. and yeah… the latest mission might turn out to be more than Irene can manage.

I don´t remember quite well how I learned about this book, but what I do know is that I have wanted to read it for the longest of times, so… since in April 23rd is the World Book Day…, it seemed like a good idea to read it this month, so…

I have already finished the book, and while not my favorite read -more on that in my review-, there are some very promising ideas and plots, therefore I´ll definitely be reading the next installment.

A Wrinkle in Time


Yes, I know this is a children´s book, and that most people have apparently read it in their childhood but… when I was a child I didn´t really have that much of an access to books, and in Mexico we have other classics for kids so…

And since April 30th is Children´s Day in Mexico well, it seemed like the perfect time to read it. Also, I have read that Disney is doing a movie adaptation directed by Ava DuVernay, so… yeah this is one is definitely in my to read list.

Memorias de Mis Putas Tristes


So… full discloseur, I have never been a fan of Gabriel García Márquez -nor Octavio Paz for that matter-, but I´m familiar with his work due to the fact that some of his books were required reading during my college years studying Journalism.

That being said I have had enjoyed some of his works, like 12 Cuentos ePregrinos, and Noticia de un Secuestro, therefore since his birthday is on April 17th, I decided to give another of his books a chance.

Memories of a Geisha


This month´s Polished Bookworms book is Memories of a Geisha and I don´t know how to feel about it ´cause I saw the movie back in 2005 -I think-; and while interested on it, the only thing I can remember was that it was beautifully shot, and that´s about it.

I have some scenes in grabbed in my memory, but more than anything because they were beautiful, outside of that, I really don´t rememberAny the actors or story at all; but I do have the feeling it wasn´t that entertaining…., anyway I´ll try and read it, but if there´s one book I don´t manage to read this month, it would certainly be this one.

Anyhow, that´s my book list for April, but what about yours? what are you reading this month? any suggestions for May? I´m thinking of going with the mother´s theme since May 10th is Mother´s Day in Mexico, but let me know what you think.






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