Loved it/Hated it

Dead Over Heels by Theresa Braun

Loved it-hated it

Well… I didn´t see that comming

It´s been a very long time since I last had the opportunity to read a book thank´s to the author, so… I really wish I had something better to say about this book ´cuase as you might know -if you read my list of books to read in June– I was really excited about it! But in the end… it turns it wasn´t my cup of tea.

I mean is not that it is a bad story, just that… in this case, I think that a longer book was really needed in order for the story to develop in a better way (or at least in my opinion).

Anyhow, allow me to explain:

So… I got the opportunity to read Dead Over Heels thanks to @Readers_tweets and the author Theresa Braun, who graciously allowed me to read it.

33115353The book is, in fact, a short story -about 38 pages long- that narrates Veronica´s blooming relationship with Sebastian, a guy that she met online and with whom she shares some interests, mainly the supernatural.

You see Veronica is a Wiccan practitioner and Sebastian a Reiki Master, so… is no wonder they weren´t precisely against the idea that the people they saw on the table close to them -on their first date- and that no one else seemed able to see, were in reality ghosts.

So… overall the date goes well, they find some more common ground besides the paranormal stuff; like parents that suddenly disappeared a Christmas night, etc., therefore shortly after they become a happy couple, or at least until they decide to go back to the restaurant where they had their first date and… it turns out that the ghost they saw the last time look quite familiar.

I bet you know where this is going, any way to not spoil anything I´ll say that from then on is where the story kind of lost me, I mean I get that there´s is a sense of destiny -special due to Veronica´s Wiccan background-  but I did find some things awfully convenient and thought that things moved really quickly, but… then again it is a short story.

Anyhow, to the story´s credit I didn´t see that ending coming, even though -thinking back on it- the beginning kind of alluded to it, and there´s also something to be said about doing things you´re not prepared for.

I mean it´s ok to tray new things, but maybe… prepare yourself before you attempt to do something, even if your intentions are good.

Anyhow, overall, the book was interesting and I can see myself probably like it a lot if it was longer but if you want to read something short, like the supernatural and spiritual things, as well as unexpected and atypical endings, this might just be the short story for you.









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