Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 11 “Mea Maxima Culpa”.- And so… It Begins!


shadowhunters-season-2-trailer-premieres-on-january-2-at-8pm-7cShadowhunters is finally back! Yeah, I´m actually excited about this show coming back and as you might know, I wasn´t a fan when it began, but! The mid-season finale really got to me and managed to raise my expectations, and so… here I am.

Anyhow the Season 2B premiere had the monumental task of connecting season´s A overall arch to this one´s, all the while maintaining the urgency feeling and not lowering the quality Shadowhunters has managed to rise -in fact, I would have to say that the big task for this half of the season is to raise it even more!-

So… how did the summer premiere do? Well, I´m here, no? -late, but here- So that should give you a hint, therefore here we go:

I have mentioned it once, and I´d probably continue mentioning it as many times as I seem needed, but if there is something that I love about the series -and that I prefer here than in the books- is the Jace&Alec relationship, so it shouldn´t come as a surprise that I loved the opening scene with this two training and talking about things as two people that are closer than best friends should!


But if I´m honest, what I liked the most about this scene -besides the bantering-, was seeing some action and fight scenes! ´cause honestly speaking for a show that it suppose to be about demon hunting and fighting against creatures, sometimes the training is all the action that I see in an episode -again, it´s getting better this season but still!-

Anyhow, the first few minutes of the episode worked pretty well on setting the scene for this half of the season, for example, we know that Valentine is captive at the Institue, that Clary and Simon are still in a relationship, Aldertree was sent back to Idris due to the events that took place -is it much to hope he´s gone permanently?-, the downworlders are not happy, and that Alec is the only one in the Institue who knows about Izzy´s Ying Fen problem -correct me if I´m wrong but for what it seems, Jace and Clary have no idea either-.

And it´s in fact 4 of these aspects, which developed the story of this episode and I suspect will be the driving force for this season -something I actually complement the writers for-, mainly: Valentine´s captive, the Simon/Clary/Jace triangle, the unhappy downworlders and Izzy´s Ying Fen thing.

So…, let´s break it down starting with Valentine.

s02e11_92Valentine´s is still at the Institute due to the fact that the Clave still doesn´t know where the Mortal Cup is, which seems to be why Inquisitor Herondale is in the New York Institute apparently in charge -though I do wonder if she is in fact in charge and what will happen when she leaves? how long will she stay for that fact?-

Anyhow her interrogation of Valentine served once more to showcase how smart this man really is, ´cause he is totally right! At this point not knowing the location of the Mortal Cup is basically what is keeping him alive, so… if the Clave really wants to have Valentine speaking, they should probably think about something else to convince him.

Anyhow, in the end, besides telling us something that we already knew -that Valentine is an intelligent man-, this scene also rose some questions, for example: does the Clave really have the Mortal Sword? and, how important will Valentine be in the upcoming episodes?

Now, onto the Simon/Clary/Jace thing.


Well… that took about no time at all! I mean seriously Jace? Valentine just says some omnibus things and that´s enough to get you talking? So much for keeping that a secret! Anyhow, contrary to what it would appear I´m actually glad they didn´t drag the whole “we´re not siblings after all” thing through this second half of the season, ´cause those kinds of things tend to get old really quickly.

And on the other half, I actually liked that Clary didn´t see -or didn´t want to see- why that would be a big deal or change anything with Simon, since after all in this version at least Clary seems to really have some feelings for him, be it actual romantic feelings or a sense of something sure in her life. Which could be interesting especially if at the end both of them -Simon and Clary- realize that they are just clinging to what they know, something safe, and… why bother making a love triangle if it isn´t going to be one really.

s02e11_169Anyway, on to the unhappy downworlders. Well… after what happened in the winter finale it comes as no surprise that there are some rumblings within the downworld community, especially if you take into consideration that they suffered the majority of the casualties.

So far in the episode, the werewolves seem to be the only really upset ones -although Raphael does mention there beeing some issues with the vampires-, which honestly speaking, who can blame them? I mean they have an alpha who seems to be more concerned with the well-being of a single shadowhunter than the one of the entire pack!

I mean I know we’re supposed to root for Luke in this case -and I totally like him and the actor- but, yeah…, once gain if I were a werewolf on his pack I´d be wary too! In fact, at this point, I don´t know why Maia is still on his side -besides the whole thing about Luke saving her at the beginning-, ´cause is not as if Luke has been fair to her.


So.. yeah when the other werewolf guy -don´t remember his name- challenged him, I was basically shouting at my screen: “Come on guy! Do it! Do it!

Anyhow, I imagine that won´t be the last we see of this conflict and I´d bet that Luke´s new partner will somehow get involved in all this and make things worse.

And finally, Izzy and her Ying Fen thing, man… I remember I used to like Izzy, and I say used to ´cause at this point, I don´t know how to feel. I mean I know she´s a recovering addict -like for a week or less?- and that they tend to fall off the wagon, so I´m glad the Shadowhunters writers have decided not to cheat and show her actually struggle with the issue but… does that make her suddenly less intelligent -´cause she is supposed to be really smart, right?-

s02e11_385I mean her going to Raphael in order to get one more fix makes perfect sense -kudos to Raphael for saying no- as does her looking for other vampires willing to do what Raphael wouldn´t but seriously? accepting some “medicine” from a virtual stranger just ´cause he helped you out, tell me again how did you get into this mess, to begin with? And then staying with the guy?] not even sending a text to let everyone know you’re at leats alive?

But I guess that I shouldn´t get that upset, since Izzy doing these things is what ultimately set things for next week’s episode, ´cause obviously our shadowhunters just had to make the wrong conclusions and assumed that the greater demon that appeared -Azazel- was behinds Izzy´s disappearance.

And of course! They had to listen to Valentine and ask Magnus to help them and offer an exchange -Valentine for Izzy-, which obviously ended like it had to, and that´s absolute disaster, and now… now we have a Magnus facing more than probable dead and a Valentine that could do god knows what with Magnus magic and no one beeing the wiser.


So… not bad for the summer season premiere, and eager to see where all of this will go and if the show will manage to keep up the pace or struggle; but what about you? did you watch this week´s episode? what did you think about it and what are you must excited about?

Laying on Magnus´Loft

  • Yeah.. Simon good job keeping Jace secret, going around under the sun and to the Hunter´s Moon ¬¬
  • “Stop it”, “I just thought…”, “Nope, never” XD gotta love Simon´s and Jace Interactions!
  • So… we all know who that blond kid in the flashback was, right? right?!
  • Awww the Lightwood siblings beeing all siblingly! ❤
  • Right! Glamoured! I was about to question how they could be in the crime scene when I saw no one else could see them! XD, also smart Luke using voice notes as his excuse for seemingly talking to nobody
  • Where do Shadowhunters get so much money for all that tech? like seriously! I want to know!
  • So… is it just me or does anyone else have the feeling that Magnus’s past is coming, and not precisely on a pleasant form
  • Alec hugging Jace to comfort him! ToT, I live for these moments between parabatai ❤
  • Sure.. Magnus stop it, whose brilliant plan was this again? ¬¬
  • Alec better notice there´s something wrong going on with Magnus! Otherwise…









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