Countdown to 12.- Comics at the Top and Bottom of my Shelf

All-time favorites

First were books, then movies, and now with the year about to end here are my favorite and least favorite comics of the year!

Just like with the other list, this is divided on my top 6 and bottom 6, which don´t necessarily reflect the best or worst comics of the year, just the ones that I liked the most and least.

So… here we go!

1) Super Sons

My absolute favorite comic of the year! I swear Jonathan Kent is the best thing that came from DC Rebirth, and I just love his interactions with Damian, this is the comic I have the most fun reading and the one I can´t miss!

2) Archie

I think that I´ve already written about this one before, but it still holds true, this modernized version of Archie is just what I need to lift my mood every day

3) Superman

As I mentioned in my Superman American Alien review, I never got Superman ´til I read that comic and I thought I wouldn´t like any other Superman comic. But reading about this Clark with Lois as his wife and Jon…, see Marvel! It can work! -Tomasi is a genius-

4) Ms. Marvel

It´s been one of my favorite comics from the beginning, and I´m glad to say this year it still was.

5) Spider-Woman

I still haven’t forgiven Marvel for canceling this comic! ´cause I absolutely loved it! the only consolation I have is that it ended well.

6) All-New Wolverine

I love Laura as Wolverine, I love her relationship with Gaby, and how she has followed on her “father´s” footsteps on her own way.


7) Defenders

I tried reading this comic in preparation for the series but… yeah.. nope

8) Silk

It´s Ironic and kind of sad how much I loved this comic and character before Secret Wars, and now…

9) Invincible Ironman

Same as with Silk, I was pretty happy with the things Bendis was doing with this comic and then… Civil War II happened.

10) Teen Titans

I picked up this comic ´cause I liked the movie and Damian, but then… Damian seemed so out of character from the get-go and the Titans -Raven, Beast Boy, and Starfire- so incompetent that I had to drop it

11) Jessica Jones

I loved the series, bought the first volume of the original Michael Bendis and loved it! so it figured that I´d love this one too, right? wrong…

12) The Wasp

I´m a woman, and I like reading about women too, but too in the nose, that´s all I´ll say.


And that´s pretty much it, I left out some other comics I liked like Star Trek Boldly Go and Miraculous Ladybug, and Saga -but this one deserves and special post-, as well as others that I dropped or didn´t like: All-New All-Different Avengers -they dropped off Wiccan and Hulkling!- as well as Jetsons, but what about you? Which comics are the top and bottom of your shelf?


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