#1sentenceWednesdays.- Almost Midnight “Review”

Loved it-hated it



One Sentence Wednesdays is a weekly meme originally hosted and created by Rebeca at “Books and Messy Buns”, that anyone can join.

Since her blog went through some changes and I really liked her weekly memes, I asked for her permission to continue with them and here we are.

To participate all you have to do is:

Pick up the book you’re currently reading -or read last-, think about what it made you feel -is making you feel-. Describe it in one sentence, make a post in your own blog sharing your sentence and link back to my blog as the host. Finally, share the link to your post in the comments section here for the book community to see:)

Note: Please refer the creator of the meme and the host (this blog/this post) in your own post and leave a comment down below with a link to your 1SW so all the participant can have a look and share their thoughts too!

My Sentence is:

The lightheartness and fun I needed to strat the year!

-about Almost Midnight by Rainbow Rowell

If you have read any of my previous posts about Rainbow Rowell´s books, you must know by now that I absolutely love her work, in fact, I picked up the new Runaways comic ´cause I found out she would be writing it -though I already was a fan of the Runaways-.

Screenshot_20180128-205558.pngBack to the book, Almost Midnight had been on my to-read list for a very long time, I was just waiting for the right time to read it, and… with New Years coming, I thought there was no better moment!

And though as mentioned before I love Rainbow Rowell´s writing, I wasn´t really expecting a lot from this book, ´cause there were only 2 short stories.

That being said, I really should have known, better ´cause somehow, even though the stories were short, they managed to be very compelling an have some character development!

Both stories had romance, which was to be expected since Rainbow Rowell is pretty much all about YA-Romance -she´s my queen!-, but they were also so much fun! and cute, particularly the first one.

Screenshot_20180128-205629.pngIn Almost Midnight -the first story- is all about growing up and getting to know a person better than anyone else and a romance being born, while Kindred Spirits -the second one- was full of fun, and made an interesting commentary on what some hardcore fans label “fake fangirls”, as well how everyone has some geekiness inside themselves.

And the ending! God! how much did I loved it! So relatable!

Anyhow…, as you can see I absolutely loved this book, and  I´d sincerely recommend it to any Rainbow Rowell fans, people who enjoy YA-Romance or who just want to have some fun reading something light and cute.

But what about you? Have you read Almost Midnight? What was your favorite January read?


P.S. I absolutely fell in love with the drawings!


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