Why Voltron Legendary Defender is more than a Kids Show

Why not

voltron-legendary-defender-1-e14549694407951You know what’s the best thing about getting into a series late on? Particularly a Netflix one?
Not having to wait months for a new season!

So…, yeah basically a month ago, I finally decided to make use of my Netflix subscription and watch some of the Netflix show that I have been meaning to watch but for some reason, I haven’t, and… among them there was Voltron!

So… yeah, at the beginning I was a little unsure ’cause while I have been a huge fan of “kids series” like Phineas & Ferb, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Gravity Falls, Miraculous Lady Bug, etc., there have been some others that… have made me wonder what the heck are kids watching and learning these days -and man does that make me feel old-.

But in the end… watching the promo and learning that some of the creative team behind The Legend of Korra were also behind this series… well I had to give it a chance.

And I’m actually glad I did! I won’t say that Voltron Legendary DefendersVLD– is the best-animated series out there, ’cause there are plenty of awesome series and it does start kind of slow, but what I will say without doubt is that the series does have a lot of attention to detail, it’s really well written, has awesome animation, heart and doesn’t dumb things down.

voltron-season-4-_image1One of the things I hate the most about the majority of the current animated series “aimed at kids”, is how they tend to oversimplify things or dumb them down for their audience as well as censure most of the things that today’s society labels “inappropriate” for kids.

Luckily for me, that’s not the case with VLD which kind of reminds me of series like Batman: The Animated Series, Gargoyles, and obviously Avatar: The Last Air Bender, series of which I have fond memories ’cause they were interesting and fun enough that my mother actually sat down to watch them with me and my brothers!

keith-voltronSo yeah, back to Voltron I basically binge-watched the whole 4 seasons available in less than a week, ’cause though season 1 is one of the slowest ones, it does have enough action, intrigue and emotional aspects to get the series going. It also has plenty of humor which can be pretty much hit or miss but… since it’s a show mainly or originally for kids I guess it is to be expected.

The show is also beautifully animated since it seems to be using the same design aspects and, studio? as The Legend of Korra, which makes for some awesome fight scenes and as I previously mentioned the attention the creative team puts to details warranties that most things are not for nothing on this series, hints, and clues for future plot points can be found through all the series such as Keith´s Galra reveal on season 2 hinted on season 1, as well as Keith as the Black Paladin in season 3 also being hinted in season 2, etc.


So, in the end, VLD is a great show, not just a great kids show, but a great show overall, one that I think can be greatly enjoyed by adults, teenagers and kids alike -and I say think, since I don’t personally know a lot of kids, less of all kids I could ask if they watch the series-, but come on! There´s a giant robot -Voltron-, space ninjas -the Blades of Marmora-, space battles, and humor, things that as a kid I liked a lot.

Therefore if you are looking for an interesting animated series to watch or if you have kids and want to be able to watch something with them that won’t bore you and actually entertain you, you should definitely give Voltron: Legendary Defenders a chance and… since season 5 is just a week away you will have plenty of episodes to enjoy!


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