Onto the End of the Line.- Voltron Legendary Defender Season 7 Review


voltron-legendary-defender-1-e14549694407951A lot has been happening in the Voltron fandom since season 7 was released, as always via Netflix. So… I decided to give it some time before I wrote down my thoughts, and why not? Rewatch it a couple of times.

Originally, I was intending to post my review a month after season 7’s release, but in the end, there are so many things to discuss and theorize about, that I simply couldn’t wait anymore!

So… did I loved Season 7? Did I absolutely hate it? Well…, my thoughts on it are a little complicated, and here’s why:

normal_vld_s7_e1_0005Funnily enough, I really think season 7 is the one season that would have actually benefited from being split into two seasons. Allow me to explain.
There’s a significant tonal shift, between the first 6 episodes of the season and the other 7 ones. With things going from a space adventure/voyage to a war focused story.

Don´t get me wrong, I truly enjoyed both parts of the season, to the point that my favorite episodes are pretty much well split between this two halves. But that being said, tell me if it wouldn’t have been better to end season 7 with the paladins arriving at earth, only to find it overridden with Galra forces, and then, have season 8 focusing on how that happened and finally freeing earth.


This way, the tonal shift would still have happened, but from one season to the next one, giving time for people to adapt to it? and also giving us 2 or 3 more seasons before Voltron it’s finally done -don’t want to think about that-.

Anyhow, besides this tonal issue, I thought season 7 was actually pretty cool! up there with my favorite seasons which are pretty much season 2, season 6 and now 7.

The season had a lot going for it, to the point which although once again I promised myself to not binge watch it all in 1-2 days, binge watch it I did!

normal_vld_s7_e1_0369There was Romelle, who I absolutely adored during the first half of the season and was sad to see completely forgotten during the other half -’til that ending montage-, the whole earth last stand thing which made me feel like I was watching Independence Day -one of my favorite movies ever- all over again, and the MFE pilots! and the Holts! Can we take a minute to appreciate how badass that family is!

There was also the feud episode which I thought was ridiculous, but so funny! and some pretty well earned and organic story developments for Hunk, whose voice actor and animators absolutely killed it.


Besides that, I don’t think there’s really much to say, the music as always was magnificent, and the animation simply gorgeous! If there’s something else this season has going for it, is that I think that though there wasn’t much Voltron, it is actually the most action-packed one. And the way those action scenes took place! I just loved it!


With that being said, no season is perfect -though some of them come pretty close!-, so I did have some issues with season 7, mainly with the whole Atlas becoming an even more gigantic mecha, Admiral Sanda being the cliché military idiot in a high position, and finally, there’s an issue I have with Shiro.

normal_vld_s7_e13_0369So let’s begin with the Atlas, what the heck? What the actual heck? How does that even happens? It makes absolutely no sense! I mean as I understood it and correct me if I’m wrong, Voltron is so special and can transform like that due to being made of a transdimensional comet -or something like that- and built by Altean alchemy, same with Lotor’s mecha, right?

So can you explain to me how a ship built yes, with Altean designs, but Earth resources and no alchemy whatsoever, can just suddenly transform into that?! And don’t go telling me it was because of the castle crystal and the mini crystal in Shiro’s new arm -which is just weird by the way- because that still breaks the mythos!

I get the feeling the team behind Voltron just did this to give Shiro something to do, which makes no sense because even without the Atlas transforming into….. that, he could have pretty much taken the role Alura had during seasons 1 and 2, along with maybe some other stuff.

normal_vld_s7_e7_0131Then there was Admiral Sada, who really?! I know Voltron is a sci-fi cartoon which uses pretty much every trope out there, but I really thought we could have done without this one, I mean how did that woman get to that position if she didn’t think even thought for a moment that the Galra could betray her!

And finally, onto Shiro. Surprisingly enough, my issue with Shiro has nothing to do with the whole argument that has been going around about Voltron queerbaiting, Adam just having like less than 2 minutes on screen, and him dying pretty much in a blink and you miss it scene.

Mainly because I don’t really think there was any queerbaiting -we can argue about that but everyone has their opinion and this is mine-, I didn’t really think Adam was going to be integral to the story -since they said from the get-go they were broken up and didn’t imply at all they were going to get back together-, and from the moment that Almirant Sanda gave that order to not used the MFE’s, I knew Adam was pretty much doomed.


No, my issue with Shiro is that we are pretty much at the end of this series, and we know pretty much nothing about him as a person! Like yeah, we know he pretty much mentored Keith, was an ace pilot, had a terminal illness and a fiance, but that’s about it! I mean what’s his backstory? why did he enter the Galaxy Garrison though he was sick? What’s up with his family?! Does he have any? I mean come on! We know this about pretty much every paladin and even Coran who mentioned his grandfather or great-grandfather building the castle of lions, but not about Shiro!


Anyhow, I think I’m gonna wrap this up, ’cause it’s already longer than I intended, but let’s just say about the whole Adashi and queerbaiting thing, I’m trying to save judgment ’til season 8 drops.

Meanwhile, I still have so many questions that need to be answered, like what’s Haggar up to? Is she going to be the final villain? Is Lotor really gone? Are the MFE pilots a sign that Voltron Vehicle Force will be a thing? Is that super weapon mentioned in season… 4-5 going to make a reappearance? What about the rift creatures? Anyhow that’s pretty much it, ’til next season.



Floating Around the Castle of Lions

  • Keith and Shiro! ❤ these two kill me every freaking time! Their bond is so strong! I love it! #broganesftw
  • Captain Shiro! Yaay! He totally deserves it, also can we please give him a proper arm?
  • Veronica! I absolutely love her! She’s awesome! Had to be Lance sister XD
  • So… that Acxa thing with Keith, does she really have feelings for him or does she sees him as her new Lotor?
  • Is it Cosmo or Kosmo? Either way, I freaking love that space wolf! ❤
  • So… Lance and Allura eh? I’m actually ok with it
  • “I hope I’m not grounded” Pidge XD
  • Ok, Sendak might have been evil and all but you gotta admit he was a pretty awesome strategist
  • What’s up with the freaking timeline?! How long were the paladins in space? How much did they age? these are questions I need answered people!

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