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Shaman King: Let the Spirits Return

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Back in the 2000´s, I didn´t have Internet in my house, I fact I´m not sure Internet was a thing like now. The point is that back then my only source of anime was TV, or in reality cable TV, and one of my favorite channel´s was Fox Kids.

Fox Kids, the channel that brought me and all latinamerican kids animes series like Digimon, Monster Ranger, Shinzo, Beyblade, etc.

And among those series was Shaman King which premiered in 2003 and soon became one of my favorite ones. The series had pretty much all that I love in an anime series, it was fun and funny, entertaining with a lovable protagonist, battles, and spirits! so many spirits!

Those who know me, know that I love sports animes, but the truth is that as much as I love them, I love spiritual animes more.

Anyway.., back to Shaman King


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Black Cat: ´cause Train Heartnet deserves another ride

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Years ago my cable provider finally decided to include Animax in our package, that was in 2006 or 7 I believe.

Then streaming anime wasn´t something I could do easily, so… I had to wait until the local channels decided to try putting more anime on air or until Animax premiered some new animes -something difficult ´cause more often than not, they repeated episodes over and over again-.

Black Cat was one of the animes aired by AnimaxLA in those years along with Get Backers, The Prince of Tennis, The 12 Kingdoms, Hunter X Hunter, Bleach, Full Meta Alchemist and others.

Because of its animation and characters design, Black Cat was one of the animes I followed religiously, even if the story wasn´t that good and at times left me feeling like something was missing. I went trough great lengths to make sure I didn´t miss an episode, and finally I saw the great confrontation between Train and… Eve?

That´s right at the end of Black Cat Train´s big confrontation wasn´t against Creed Diskenth, but Eve the girl weapon that Sven -Train´s associate- took into his care almost at the same time as Train. So… Black Cat´s anime ended and I still felt like something was missing, so I decided to check the manga.

Imagine my surprise when the story presented in the manga turned out to be very different and extremely superior than the half-baked anime adaptation I watched on my TV. Continue reading “Black Cat: ´cause Train Heartnet deserves another ride”