#DCRebirth – It´s Time to Give DC Another Go

Last year around the time I started this blog, I made a post about All New All Different Marvel and the comics I was most excited to read. I did it more to keep track of what I wanted to read than in hope anyone would read my post so… I decided to do the same with DC.

Now I´m a little late for this since DC Rebirth began like 2 weeks ago but lately, it has been difficult to balance my life so…

Anyway, these time I decided to separate the comics released in 4 main categories: Sure, Might, Nope, and Undecided.

I think the classification it´s pretty much straightforward, but I will explain why I made the decisions anyway. Continue reading


#MarvelOctober – More Comics than I know what to do with

Secret wars hasn´t finish yet -between so many delays that´s hardly surprising-, but the new titles post Doom´s world are right at the corner; some of them look good, others seem a little risky and then there are those that fit more under the WTF?! description.

Even if I wanted to read all this comics, between this ones, DC, Image and Boom, finishing Battle Royale, starting and finishing another book, catching up with my animes, following my tv series, work, Japanese and all; I wouldn´t have the time.

So… Is time I cut my losses and begin dividing the titles on 3 categories : picking for sure, might pick and not touching Continue reading