Go Go Power Rangers: Returning to the Grid

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Back in the day, I was a big Power Rangers fan, in fact, scratch that, I was a big Power Rangers fan, probably longer than it’s acceptable for anyone to be nowadays.

I watched almost all of them consecutively, from Mighty Morphing Power Rangers to Power Rangers Dino Thunder, and watched some episodes of Mystic Force, SPD, RPM, and Jungle Fury thrown here and there.power_rangers

Power Rangers became kind of a guilty pleasure to me, which is why it kind of baffles me that I didn’t read this comic ’til about 2 weeks ago.

I mean I knew about its existence, but to be honest it really didn’t pick my interest mainly because I thought I was finally done with all things Power Rangers -with exception of the movie- and… I haven’t been a fan of most of the TV to Comic adaptations, but then… the trailer for Shattered Grid dropped.

So, of course, I had to check what it was all really about and pick up the comic, and in order to have a full understanding about what was happening, eventually read the previous issues, and you know what, it was totally worth it!

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Star Trek: To Go Boldly

Off the shelf

The way things are going, I should probably consider making this a books/movies/TVseries blog with things from my life and thoughts that are thrown randomly than a books/movies/anime/comics/TVseries one with random things. ´cause it´s been a long time since I last wrote about comics.

But there are only so many hours in the day and besides work -freelance and official-, I do have other responsibilities; and I quite honestly I´m a little lazy with my writing so…. there´s also that.

st_boldlygo01-coverAnyway…, from some reason right when my countdown to Rogue One´s premiere began -I´m planning to post my thoughts on that movie, hopefully before the year ends- I decided to catch up on my Star Trek comics!

How Star Wars took me to Star Trek is anyone´s guess, but the thing is that I returned to the Star Trek comics I was reading, only to discover that the main title was finished.

And not only that! It also turned out there is new comic undergoing -which also made me realize how out of the rest of the comic book world I have been since Rebirth-, so…. in the end I had a lot more catching up than I expected.

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The New Archie: So.. there´s this comic

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Well I don´t know if I´ll be able to do this every week, but I´d like to at least do it every month, and that´s quoting some comics and maybe even some animes, mangas, movies etc., at least once a month.

And because I have been wanting to write about one of the comics are read that are neither Marvel nor DC, but I haven´t had the opportunity ´till now, I decided that there was no better day than this one to do so.

Be straight, be weird. Be whatever, just be what you want to be, and if people don´t like it… That´s what the S stands for.
-Jughead, All New Archie #2-

So the truth is that I never got Archie, not really I mean thanks to my mom I watched some of the old cartoon and even a live action movie I think -did they called them live action back then?- and I actually find it funny but that was pretty much it.

Archie was the only comic that I ever saw my mother reading and while entertaining, I never got into it. I didn´t even knew that Sabrina Spellman was originated there! and I was a big fan of the series! the point is that I have always been aware of what´s happening on Archie but is not until recently that I started reading the comics. Continue reading