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Star Trek.- To Go Boldly

Off the shelf

The way things are going, I should probably consider making this a books/movies/TVseries blog with things from my life and thoughts that are thrown randomly than a books/movies/anime/comics/TVseries one with random things. ´cause it´s been a long time since I last wrote about comics.

But there are only so many hours in the day and besides work -freelance and official-, I do have other responsibilities; and I quite honestly I´m a little lazy with my writing so…. there´s also that.

st_boldlygo01-coverAnyway…, from some reason right when my countdown to Rogue One´s premiere began -I´m planning to post my thoughts on that movie, hopefully before the year ends- I decided to catch up on my Star Trek comics!

How Star Wars took me to Star Trek is anyone´s guess, but the thing is that I returned to the Star Trek comics I was reading, only to discover that the main title was finished.

And not only that! It also turned out there is new comic undergoing -which also made me realize how out of the rest of the comic book world I have been since Rebirth-, so…. in the end I had a lot more catching up than I expected.

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The New Archie: So.. there´s this comic

Off the shelf

Well I don´t know if I´ll be able to do this every week, but I´d like to at least do it every month, and that´s quoting some comics and maybe even some animes, mangas, movies etc., at least once a month.

And because I have been wanting to write about one of the comics are read that are neither Marvel nor DC, but I haven´t had the opportunity ´till now, I decided that there was no better day than this one to do so.

Be straight, be weird. Be whatever, just be what you want to be, and if people don´t like it… That´s what the S stands for.
-Jughead, All New Archie #2-

So the truth is that I never got Archie, not really I mean thanks to my mom I watched some of the old cartoon and even a live action movie I think -did they called them live action back then?- and I actually find it funny but that was pretty much it.

Archie was the only comic that I ever saw my mother reading and while entertaining, I never got into it. I didn´t even knew that Sabrina Spellman was originated there! and I was a big fan of the series! the point is that I have always been aware of what´s happening on Archie but is not until recently that I started reading the comics. Continue reading “The New Archie: So.. there´s this comic”