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Shounen Maid.-


I´m sure you would say that you have heard this story before, a young schooler suddenly finds itself an orphan with nowhere to live and no one to depend on.

After all, this is the premise which lots of shoujo mangas use to begin their stories -Fruit basket anyone?- and while you wouldn´t be wrong the majority of the time, allow me to explain why regarding this anime you would be.

Shounen Maid is  I believe Ototachibana´s most popular series and leaving the moe moe characteristics, the comedy and fanservice aside, a anime series about bonds and family, about learning to relay in other people and the importance of being a little selfish, or at least that´s why I gathered.


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Super Lovers.- There are all kinds of Love and Families


I´m not going to lie, I shouted like a fan girl when I saw that the first episode of Abe Miyuki´s Super Lovers was released on April 6th. Especially ´cause I became a big Abe Miyuki fan after reading Komatta toki ni wa hoshi ni kikke, which I loved not only for the characters designs and beautiful art but also for the fun and compelling stories and characters.

Super Lovers was in fact, the third manga I read, and it´s my second favorite one, right after Komatta,  because it isn´t like other yaoi mangas. Like the title says, this one is more about the romance, the characters development, and their stories.

One of my main concerns with the adaptation of this manga into anime was the art and the story ´cause as I mentioned before Abe Miyuki´s art is simply gorgeous and the story…, well as fans, we all know that the mangas often differ from the anime. Luckily I didn´t have to worry, the animation makes the manga more than justice and so far the anime seems to be sticking close to the manga´s story. Continue reading “Super Lovers.- There are all kinds of Love and Families”

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Haikyuu!- A small giant in the making


In the last few years, there´s been little to non-animes that have picked up my interest, but I have tried from time to time to look and find one that catches my attention. So… last year I was looking for such an anime when suddenly… there it was, under the same category that gifted me with  Kuroko no Basket, there was an anime that made me laugh, gave me feels, excited me and left me wanting to bang the screen of my laptop until I could finally see more!

The anime in question tells the story of  two former volleyball rivals -that in fact only confronted each other once?- that after swearing to go against each other once again. suddenly find themselves playing on the same team; so… competing is obviously out of questions, right? -not really!-; at the begining things didn´t go smoothly for this duo but they soon discovered that they had more in common than not and that together they could be something really amazing.

That´s basically the first episode of Haikyuu!, the first one I saw and all I needed to get hooked on it.

In all honesty it shouldn´t have surprised me, after all I seem to have a preference for shounen animes and the sports ones figure more often than not in my favorite ones – Kuroko no Basket, The Prince Of Tennis, Captain Tsubasa, Hungry Heart, Gigant Killing, Slam Dunk, Eyeshield 21, Diamond no Ace, etc.-, so liking Haikyuu! was no brainer, but…, right now I´m actually surprise for how much I love it! Continue reading “Haikyuu!- A small giant in the making”

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Ore Monogatari: The typical not so typical Shoujo


Lately, I haven´t seen a lot of anime. This isn´t precisely uncommon after all, even though I love anime and manga, I have my lapses.

There are years where I watch anime almost non-stop through the whole 365 and then… there´s the dark years where hardly any anime catches my eye.

Right now I´m almost certainly in one of the former periods of time; I haven´t seen that many animes,and there hasn´t been one that I´m following close -the last ones I think were… Shingeki no Kyoujin and Haikyuu!
Luckily, in the middle of this dark ages, there´s been a couple of animes that have been pushing me towards the light!

Animes that have reminded me why I love this media of entertainment so much, and along this animes is Ore Monogatari.

A shoujo in ways just like every other shoujo I have seen, but at the same time completely different. Continue reading “Ore Monogatari: The typical not so typical Shoujo”