Why Voltron Legendary Defender is more than a Kids Show

Why not

voltron-legendary-defender-1-e14549694407951You know what’s the best thing about getting into a series late on? Particularly a Netflix one?
Not having to wait months for a new season!

So…, yeah basically a month ago, I finally decided to make use of my Netflix subscription and watch some of the Netflix show that I have been meaning to watch but for some reason, I haven’t, and… among them there was Voltron!

So… yeah, at the beginning I was a little unsure ’cause while I have been a huge fan of “kids series” like Phineas & Ferb, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Gravity Falls, Miraculous Lady Bug, etc., there have been some others that… have made me wonder what the heck are kids watching and learning these days -and man does that make me feel old-.

But in the end… watching the promo and learning that some of the creative team behind The Legend of Korra were also behind this series… well I had to give it a chance.

And I’m actually glad I did! I won’t say that Voltron Legendary DefendersVLD– is the best-animated series out there, ’cause there are plenty of awesome series and it does start kind of slow, but what I will say without doubt is that the series does have a lot of attention to detail, it’s really well written, has awesome animation, heart and doesn’t dumb things down. Continue reading


Countdown to 12.- TV Wonders and Disapointments of the Year

Why not

There are less than 24hrs to go for New Years, and with the book, movie and comic book list done, it´s time for the series I have enjoyed the most this year!

Once again I have grouped this list in my favorite 6 and my least favorites, so it doesn´t  mean they are the best or worst series, just the ones I´m liking the most.


Anyhow, I didn´t mention some series like Teen Wolf, Grimm, etc, since they are done and deserve their own posts, so… without further ado, here we go!

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Why The Good Place Totally Deserves The Season 2 Order

Last fall I made a list of all the shows that I wanted to see in 2016-2017, ´cause back then it was my intention to not only watch all of them but also review some. Needless to say that real life had other plans and now I can barely keep with all the things I want to read, watch and write, but… anyway.

goodplace-keyart-responsiveAnyway between all of these new shows, there was a little NBC comedy wich only had a 13 episode order this season and had Kristen Bell as it´s protagonist.

Now I´m not a big Kristen Bell fan, I mean I know she did Ana´s voice in Frozen -I think-  and that she was the lead on the fan favorite series Veronica Mars -which for some reason I never got to watch-, so… quite frankly the only reason why I decided to watch the series was because the trailer sold it to me.

But I could have never imagined that The Good Place -the show mentioned- would become one of my favorites, my favorite comedy -so far-, and the one show that I couldn´t miss at all!

Reasons to love The Good Place I´ve got plenty, ´cause yes, it´s just that good; but since this is already turning out to be a long post, I decided to just enlist some of the reasons why this is such a forking awesome show.

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Girl Meets World Cancelled.- Gone Before it Could Really Meet the World

We suspecedt it was coming but it still hurts, it hurts and it´s a sad, sad day when a good show, a show that you like it´s canceled. Especially when that show had so much more potential!



I mean Girl Meets World and I have had our stumbles, and there were some episodes that really made me question why I watched the series, but overall it was a good series and it saddens me that the series won´t be able to stretch its arms and grow into the great show it could have been.

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New and Returning 2016-2017 Series: New Seasons, New Shows and Business as Usual

It´s been a year a little over a year since I started this sort of blog, and while I haven´t been the most consistent writer -something I´m trying to work on-, I think I have done a pretty decent job so far, one that I intend to continue doing and wish to improve on; so… as part of this hopeful improvement, there´s this post.

As some of you might know, one of my first posts ever was one about all the TV series I wanted to see. It was a very short one, that basically consisted of a picture of my first attempt ever to make an excel table of my TV schedule and a very brief description of what was happening there; But because I was really nervous, by the time I posted my TV table, a lot of the shows mentioned there, had already have their premiere.

This year isn´t that different, except for the fact that somehow even though some of the series I love were canceled -bye, bye Agent Carter you´ll be truly missed-, somehow I think I ended up with a list longer than last´s year.


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Agent Carter: Give Peggy final dance

Why not

I might have mentioned this a few times, but please bear with me, I´m more a Marvel girl than a DC one, that being said I gotta admit that when talking about TV, I prefer the DC shows on The CW and even CBS  – Gotham is dead to me-

I mean sure Dare Devil and Jessica Jones are my favorite shows right now, but that´s Netflix so I don´t count it as TV not really, and right now I ´m enjoying Agents of Shield -although I have had concerns since before the mid-season final, but on the large scale I couldn´t help but feel like DC was dominating the TV business side of the things. Marvel had 2 “superhero” TV shows while DC as of to now has 5 shows and 1 canceled so… things didn´t look well; besides that, AOS didn´t have the best start.

At the end of the rope, I continued with the DC shows ´cause they were good and engaging, and I stuck to AOS ´cause it was Marvel, and then… Peggy Carter appeared on my TV.


As many other Marvel fans, I watched the Agent Carter “one-shot” released on the Iron Man 3 blue-ray, and  I loved it! so.. when I heard that Marvel was doing and Agent Carter TV series, I was cautiously optimistic -after all AOS 1st half season didn´t really meet my expectations- and I couldn´t wait for the premiere to see if Peggy would still be the character that I loved and how her story developed.

When January 6th arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Agent Carter pilot seemed to have learned from AOS and was everything that the pilot of the previous one wasn´t it was smart, funny, exciting, fun and entertaining! Continue reading

My Anti-Stydia Ship Manifesto.- Reasons why I don´t ship the banshee and the… Stiles


3 years ago I was bored out of my mind with nothing to do, so I turned on my TV and started to channel surf, most of the series I caught a glimpse of weren´t interesting enough to catch my attention.

I was about to give up and look for something else to do when… I saw a scene where one handsome guy wearing a leather jacket pushed another cute guy against a door and threatened him; it was actually a pretty funny scene so… I decided to give the series a chance and kept watching. That´s how I got into Teen Wolf.


Luckly for me, that weekend for one or some other reason, they were doing a season 1 and 2 marathon, so I was able to catch up with the series from the very begining an then it was just a streaming issue. I actually got my brothers to watch the series with me (They love it!) and that´s how Teen Wolf became part of our TV-bonding Time.

Reasons for loving Teen Wolf I got plenty, but I think that´s a thing for another day and another post, ´cause right know I want to write about something that has been bugging me for a very long time, not only in this fandom but others as well and that, that´s “shipping”. Now I´m certainly a fangirl so… I´d be lying if I said that I don´t ship my favorite characters into relationships, ´cause I do! But sometimes shipping just grants on my nerves! In fact shipping was what ultimately ruined The Vampire Diaries  for me, between the constant Delena and Stelena all out wars in every video and review I saw or read -and that´s without metioning the Klaroline shippers- I just couldn´t stay on the fandom.

Now a days I try to ignore all the shipping things, but… it´s kind of difficult specially when some writers and show runners seem to be listening more and more to the fans -something not necessarily bad but not good either- and have started to let the fandom affect their story telling.

But since today is San Valentine´s, I decided to do something unlike me and share my views on one ship I was interested when I started Teen Wolf, that made me sad when it didn´t sail, ultimately was glad it sank and finally I´m dreding floats again -ok, I think is best if I try to stay away from the water/sailing related words- this is my very first ship manifesto or to be more accurate my anti-ship manifesto. Continue reading

Getting into a series late on

Why not

Here´s the deal, it doesn´t matter how much you love TV, watching every  series it´s kind of impossible, because… the days -sadly- only has 24 hrs and real life is something that exists, so… when the new fall and summer seasons arrive -bringing in new and old shows left and right-, an event not unlike Darwin´s natural selection happens.

Which means that like it or not, one has to go through the painful process of choosing what to watch and what to leave for later on -when the demands of the everyday life lessen enough to let you watch some more TV-; and that´s how you end up not watching the first, second or even 3rd season of a series -be it for lack of time, initial interest or a strange vendetta against a TV show that you feel plagiarized a property that you love-.

This has happened to me lots of times, especially in the last 3 years -since I began to work for a living- first with Baby Daddy, then with How I Met Your Mother and lastly with Sleepy Hollow, iZombie and Once Upon A Time.


When you begin watching a series so late, you havea couple of options on how to continue with it, be it catching up with the previous seasons, going into forums and the ever helping wikipidia or simply watching it like everythings ok and you haven´t missed anything at all.

All of this options are quiet commendable for different cases but not in all of them, for example.

Sophomore Seasons.-

If it´s only the second season of the series like in iZombie´s case, you can probably get I way with watching the season with out having seen the previous one, ´cause the mithology is not that intrinsic, they summarize the previous season at the begining of the second one and there´s still much to enjoy ahead of you.

Junior Series.-

This ones are a little more complicated, they have a depper mithology, their characters already have ahistory and dinamic and there can be references in the season that will probably go over your head if you haven´t seen or don´t know the events of the previous 2 seasons.

Luckly in these cases, the series isn´t that far up ahead, that you can´t take the time to watch the previous seasons before or while watching the current one, after all if you started on it´s 3rd season spoilers have been already been thrown at you so you don´t have to worry about it.

The Veterans.-

This ones are the real challenge, specially when they are in their 4th, 5th or god forbids  6th season -I´m looking at you HIMYM!-, in these cases, you have two well… three options.

You can A) go to the forums, wikipedia or reviews to read all the info about the seasons, characters and arcs that you need, B) watch and try to catch up with all the seasons or C) all of the above.

The desicion here is totally up to you and how into the series you get so…

Have you ever began a series late on? If so…, What have you done in those cases?

So many shows and so little time

So I know that 1 or 2 of this shows have already begun, but since I´m new to the blogging thing…, I decided to share for the first time ever, my list of all the shows that I´m planning -keyword “planning”- to watch this season.

There are more than I expected and less than the ones I watched last year -you should see my anime list- but here they are:

tv shows.jpg I´ll watch all of the new show  pilots -in fact I already saw 1 or 2- and give them the 3 to 4 episode trial, so as the time passes I´ll probably leave some of them  for the mid-season and I might just stop watching others, and of course I´ll try  to write about the ones I´m liking and the episodes of my favorite shows.

There are obviously other shows that I´m watching, some that begin on the mid-season, dates I don´t know yet and some others that I must finish watching but… I´ll write about them later.

As for now, maybe I´ll try to write about the first impressions I got from this week premiering TV shows, such as BlindspotScream QueensThe Muppets, Limitless, The Player and of course The Bastard Executioner -that one premiered last week, but last week I didn´t have this blog so…- and I might also look into trying to do the same for the animes I´m watching or planning to watch and the comics I´m reading -keyword here being “try”-, anyhow let´s see how this works out.