All-time favorites

Countdown to 12.- Comics at the Top and Bottom of my Shelf

All-time favorites

First were books, then movies, and now with the year about to end here are my favorite and least favorite comics of the year!

Just like with the other list, this is divided on my top 6 and bottom 6, which don´t necessarily reflect the best or worst comics of the year, just the ones that I liked the most and least.

So… here we go!

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Viewed films

Countdown to 12.- Movies of the year (Cuenta Regresiva para las 12.- Películas del Año)

Viewed films

So…, the year is basically over and since I already made my list of favorite and least favorite books of the year, I thought it was time for the movies!

Once more, since it´s tradition to countdown to 12, the movies are grouped in the 6 I enjoyed the most and the least, therefore these aren´t necessarily what I consider the best or worst movies of the year.

Así que… el año basicamente ha terminado, y como ya hice mi lista de mis favoritos y menos preferidos libros del año, pense que era momento de hacer lo mismo por las películas.

Una vez más, como es tradición la cuenta regresiva para las 12, las películas estan agrupadas en las 6 que disfrute más y menos, por lo tanto no son necesariamente las películas que considero mejores o peores.

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Loved it/Hated it

Countdown to 12.-My Top and Bottom Reads of the Year

Loved it-hated it

Happy Holidays!
The new year is almost here, and since I promised to write more often, I thought I´d start on a good note and try something new like making a list of my top books of the year!

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about me

Season of Changes (Temporada de Cambios)


Almost 2 years ago, I started this blog as a way to practice my writing both in English and Spanish, as well as a form to be less lazy about writing. It´s enough to say I have failed since my last post was in September and the year is almost over.

Usually, by this point, I´d have thrown the towel, and abandoned this blog, but this time I couldn´t do it seems like this blog means more to me than I thought. I like to write what I think about the stuff I enjoy and have people read it. So no, I´m not abandoning this blog, though due to lack of time, some changes will have to be made.

Some of this changes have already taken place, and others will happen progressively, but it´s enough to say that from now on I´ll try to post at least every 2 weeks -which may complicate some other stuff- and to make my posts shorter.

I´ve thought about doing some kind of podcasting to deal with my weekly episode reviews ´cause I don´t like to be on screen, but I´m still unsure on how to make that work, anyhow thanks to all of you that still follow this blog and have taken the time to read this, I hope the changes are for good and to your liking, and for you to still follow me on this journey.



Hace casi dos años, inicie este blog como una forma de prácticar mi escritura, tanto en Inglés como en Español -pero sobre todo Inglés-, y una manera de ayudarme a ser menos floja a la hora de escribir. Sobra decir que fracase, en vista de que mi último post fue por  septiembre y estamos terminando el año. 

En fin… usualmente en este punto, ya habría tirado la toalla, y habría olvidado este blog, sin embargo, esta vez no he podido hacerlo, al parecer este blog significa más para mi de lo que pense. Me gusta escribir lo que pienso sobre cosas que disfruto y que la gente lo lea. Asi que no, no abandonare este blog, sin embargo… debido a falta de tiempo,  algunos cambios ocurriran.

Algunos de estos cambios ya son notorios, y otros seran progresivos, pero basta con decir que de ahora en adelante tratare de postear por lo menos cada 2 semanas -lo cual puede que complique un poco algunas cosas- y de hacer post más cortos.

He pensado en hacer una clase de podcasting para lidiar con mis reseñas de episodios semanales ya que no me gusta aparecer en pantalla, pero aún no estoy segura de como hacer que eso funcione en fin…, gracias a todos aquellos que aun siguen este blog y que se han tomado la molestia de leer esto, espero que estos cambios sean para bien y sean de su agrado y me sigan acompañando en este viaje.


Watching or waiting?

Movies to Fill September with Enegry (Películas para Llenar Septiembre de Energía)

Watching or waiting

So… September is here! And it´s usually the month in which there are duller movies, or at least it is where I live -seriously! last September I had basically nothing to watch!- so imagine my surprise when I checked this month´s releases and I found out that this September is anything but dull!

Asi que… ¡Septiembre ya esta aquí! Y usualmente es un mes en el que hay película un tanto aburridas o por lo menos así es dónde vivo -¡en serio! el Septiembre pasado ¡básicamente no tenía nada que ver!-, por lo tanto imaginen mi sorpresa cuando checke la cartelera de este mes y descubrí que ¡este Septiembre es todo menos aburrido!

Anyhow, this time around it´s also pretty evenly split with 4 movies I really want to watch and 4 others that I´m still on the fence about, so… without further ado, here we go:

En fin, esta vez la cartelera para mi esta muy bien dividida con 4 películas que realmente quiero ver y otras 4 que aún estoy considerando, así que… sin más que decir, aquí vamos:

Note: Remember that I live in Mexico, so as always this list only has the Mexican release date, you have been warned

Nota: Recuerden que vivo en México, por lo tanto como siempre esta lista solo incluye la fecha de lanzamiento en México, así que ya fueron advertidos.

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Calling my name

September Books to fight of the Routine!

Calling my name

280924-books-vintage-old-748x468I know, I know. I totally missed my August and July lists and it´s been a really long time since I last wrote in this blog, but… since things in my life are finally calming down a little bit, I´m finally back!

Anyhow, this time around I intended for my list to be shorter, ´cause I finally got Always and Forever Lara Jean by the author Jenny Han and so… I decided that a re-reading of the 2 previous books in the To All The Boys I loved Before series was in order! Especially with the movie coming! -More on that in a later post I think-

But in the end… I got so invested in trying to fight off my grown up routine that, as always I ended with a longer list than intended, any way to fight of the routine as I mentioned, this month is all about Independence, Magic, Fantasy, and Survival!

So… in no particular order, here it goes:

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Watching or waiting?

Movies to Say bye To the Summer (Películas para Despedir el Verano)

Watching or waiting

Time really flies when you’re having fun, or when you´re so busy that you can´t do any of the things you like. But.. anyhow be it whatever the case it is, there´s an irrefutable truth, summer is over.

El tiempo vuela cuando te diviertes, o cuándo estás tan ocupado que no tienes tiempo de hacer nada de lo que te gusta. Pero en fin… cualquiera que sea el caso, hay una verdad irrefutable y esa es que el verano se ha terminado.

For some of us, this means nothing, since we don´t have vacations anyway, but for some others, the end of summer means going back to school or work. So… in order to hopefully make this transition easier on myself -after all, kids going back to class means more traffic for me and waking up earlier-, here´s my list of the movies that I definitely don´t want to miss this August and some that… I´m still thinking about.

Para algunos de nosotros esto no significa nada, ya que de cualquier modo no tuvimos vacaciones, pero para otros el final del verano significa volver a la escuela o trabajo. Así que… con el fin de tratar de hacer esta transición más fácil para mi misma -ya que el que los niños regresen a la escuela significa más tránsito para mí y tener que levantarme más temprano-, he aquí mi lista de las películas que definitivamente no me quiero perder este Agosto y aquellas que… aún estoy contemplando.   

Note: As always, since I live in Mexico, this list only has the Mexican release date, so you have been warned

Nota: Como siempre porque vivo en México, esta lista soló tiene la fecha de lanzamiento en México así que… han sido advertidos. 

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Descendants 2,- Those you Leave Behind


1I pretty much started this blog with a Descendants review, so I guess it makes sense that I´d finally return to it after watching Descendants 2, which premiered via Disney Channel pretty much 2 weeks ago.

So… as some of you might know, I´m a big Disney fan -which includes the Disney Channel-, so I usually watch all the of its DCOMs –Disney Channel Original Movies– more than once, and while I have liked some other movies that have come out since Descendants –Invisible Sister, The Swap– I have to admit that Descendants was still my favorite.

Therefore you can imagine how anxious I was to watch the promised sequel, especially when the heists were so high, ´cause sequels always have it difficult, since they not only have to live up to the hype of the previous movie but also ideally do better.

So… How did Descendants 2 do?

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Loved it/Hated it

Goodbye Rudy Kazoody by A.A. Freda

Loved it-hated it

Who the heck is Rudy Kazoody?!

We might never know, the world might never know, and you know what…, that´s alright, ´cause in the end, like Spike -one of, if not the main character of the book- points out it doesn´t really matter-, what really matters here is the journey and the things that the things that you learn through it.

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Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 11 “Mea Maxima Culpa”.- And so… It Begins!


shadowhunters-season-2-trailer-premieres-on-january-2-at-8pm-7cShadowhunters is finally back! Yeah, I´m actually excited about this show coming back and as you might know, I wasn´t a fan when it began, but! The mid-season finale really got to me and managed to raise my expectations, and so… here I am.

Anyhow the Season 2B premiere had the monumental task of connecting season´s A overall arch to this one´s, all the while maintaining the urgency feeling and not lowering the quality Shadowhunters has managed to rise -in fact, I would have to say that the big task for this half of the season is to raise it even more!-

So… how did the summer premiere do? Well, I´m here, no? -late, but here- So that should give you a hint, therefore here we go:

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