Agent Carter: Give Peggy final dance

Why not

I might have mentioned this a few times, but please bear with me, I´m more a Marvel girl than a DC one, that being said I gotta admit that when talking about TV, I prefer the DC shows on The CW and even CBS  – Gotham is dead to me-

I mean sure Dare Devil and Jessica Jones are my favorite shows right now, but that´s Netflix so I don´t count it as TV not really, and right now I ´m enjoying Agents of Shield -although I have had concerns since before the mid-season final, but on the large scale I couldn´t help but feel like DC was dominating the TV business side of the things. Marvel had 2 “superhero” TV shows while DC as of to now has 5 shows and 1 canceled so… things didn´t look well; besides that, AOS didn´t have the best start.

At the end of the rope, I continued with the DC shows ´cause they were good and engaging, and I stuck to AOS ´cause it was Marvel, and then… Peggy Carter appeared on my TV.


As many other Marvel fans, I watched the Agent Carter “one-shot” released on the Iron Man 3 blue-ray, and  I loved it! so.. when I heard that Marvel was doing and Agent Carter TV series, I was cautiously optimistic -after all AOS 1st half season didn´t really meet my expectations- and I couldn´t wait for the premiere to see if Peggy would still be the character that I loved and how her story developed.

When January 6th arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Agent Carter pilot seemed to have learned from AOS and was everything that the pilot of the previous one wasn´t it was smart, funny, exciting, fun and entertaining! Continue reading