Shounen-ai/Yaoi Mangas that Should Definitely be Animes! Pt2.- Border by Kodaka Kazuma

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Last time, I made a post about how quite honestly compared to yuri or shoujo-ai animes out there, there’s not enough BL -boys love- stories out there, being made into animes, and though that has been slowly, but surely changing -this year we have 3 yaoi animes to look forward to-.

border-1-tonkamThat being said, the thing is that the majority of the stories that are being adapted, aren’t necessarily rich in well… story -baring some exceptions-, and are still mainly in the same BL cliché of having a particularly feminine bottom, a strong, possessive on more masculine top, and the relationship beginning pretty much with plain out rape.

Which is why a while ago I decided to post what I think as BL mangas that don’t necessarily follow this tropes, and I think would work pretty well as animes.

Last time I wrote about Asterisk, a shounen-ai by Morimoto Shuu. So… this time around I decided to go for a yaoi: Border by Kodaka Kazuma

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Shounen-ai/Yaoi Mangas that Should Definitely be Animes! Pt1.- Asterisk by Morimoto Shuu

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So, after watching Hitorijime My Hero and writing my thoughts about it, I started to think about the lack of yaoi/shounen-ai animes -especially when compared with the yuri/shoujo ai ones-, as well as how the ones made always seem to go along the same lines.

With the delicate/fragile/kind of airheaded uke, forceful/stoic/kind of a dick seme, one of them always been perfect at housework, the nonconsensual interactions if not right out rape, etc.

Which made me think that maybe just maybe, in order to get this genre more appreciated we need some other type of shounen-ai/yaoi animes?

´Cause there are some good stories out there that not necessarily fall into these tropes and that I think would make awesome animes! And so…, here I am, with my first post on shounen-ai/yaoi mangas that I think should definitely get an anime!

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Hitorijime my Hero.- ´Cause Everyone Wants a Hero

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posterAs some of you might already know due to my anime review on Super Lovers, I quite enjoy Boys Love -BL- stories, be it yaoi or shounen-ai anime and manga.

But though I truly enjoy this genre, truth is that more often than not the anime adaptations that are made tend to disappoint me -beering some exceptions of course-, and that´s mainly because all of them tend to follow the same tropes. Forceful possessive seme, reluctant feminine uke, some nonconsensual sexual advances, etc.

So… for a time there, I distanced myself from the genre -at least in the anime form- until… Hitorijime my Hero came along.

So… what makes this anime different?

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Shaman King: Let the Spirits Return

Back in the 2000´s, I didn´t have Internet in my house, I fact I´m not sure Internet was a thing like now. The point is that back then my only source of anime was TV, or in reality cable TV, and one of my favorite channel´s was Fox Kids.

Fox Kids, the channel that brought me and all Latin American kids animes series like Digimon, Monster Ranger, Shinzo, Beyblade, etc.

And among those series was Shaman King which premiered in 2003 and soon became one of my favorite ones. The series had pretty much all that I love in an anime series, it was fun and funny, entertaining with a lovable protagonist, battles, and spirits! so many spirits!

Those who know me, know that I love sports animes, but the truth is that as much as I love them, I love spiritual animes more.

Anyway.., back to Shaman King


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Tanaka-kun wa itsumo kedaruge (Tanaka-kun is always Listless).- A Differente Kind of Anime

My classics

78565lIs it too early to consider this one my favorite anime of the year? So much that I decided to make it my first in My Classics category? Maybe, but the fact is that there´s no anime I have enjoyed quite like this one. I mean yes there´s Shounen Maid, Super Lovers, Boku no Hero AcademiaMy Hero Academia– and many others, but this one, this one is special or at least it is to me.

At the beginning, believe it or not, I saw this anime because of work -I was working as an anime reviewer in a website, and this one was in the animes to watch list- and while it wasn´t even on my radar, this is the anime that I couldn´t miss at all. Continue reading

Shounen Maid.-


I´m sure you would say that you have heard this story before, a young schooler suddenly finds itself an orphan with nowhere to live and no one to depend on.

After all, this is the premise which lots of shoujo mangas use to begin their stories -Fruit basket anyone?- and while you wouldn´t be wrong the majority of the time, allow me to explain why regarding this anime you would be.

Shounen Maid is  I believe Ototachibana´s most popular series and leaving the moe moe characteristics, the comedy and fanservice aside, a anime series about bonds and family, about learning to relay in other people and the importance of being a little selfish, or at least that´s why I gathered.


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Super Lovers.- There are all kinds of Love and Families


I´m not going to lie, I shouted like a fan girl when I saw that the first episode of Abe Miyuki´s Super Lovers was released on April 6th. Especially ´cause I became a big Abe Miyuki fan after reading Komatta toki ni wa hoshi ni kikke, which I loved not only for the characters designs and beautiful art but also for the fun and compelling stories and characters.

Super Lovers was in fact, the third manga I read, and it´s my second favorite one, right after Komatta,  because it isn´t like other yaoi mangas. Like the title says, this one is more about the romance, the characters development, and their stories.

One of my main concerns with the adaptation of this manga into anime was the art and the story ´cause as I mentioned before Abe Miyuki´s art is simply gorgeous and the story…, well as fans, we all know that the mangas often differ from the anime. Luckily I didn´t have to worry, the animation makes the manga more than justice and so far the anime seems to be sticking close to the manga´s story. Continue reading

Haikyuu!- A small giant in the making


In the last few years, there´s been little to non-animes that have picked up my interest, but I have tried from time to time to look and find one that catches my attention. So… last year I was looking for such an anime when suddenly… there it was, under the same category that gifted me with  Kuroko no Basket, there was an anime that made me laugh, gave me feels, excited me and left me wanting to bang the screen of my laptop until I could finally see more!

The anime in question tells the story of  two former volleyball rivals -that in fact only confronted each other once?- that after swearing to go against each other once again. suddenly find themselves playing on the same team; so… competing is obviously out of questions, right? -not really!-; at the begining things didn´t go smoothly for this duo but they soon discovered that they had more in common than not and that together they could be something really amazing.

That´s basically the first episode of Haikyuu!, the first one I saw and all I needed to get hooked on it.

In all honesty it shouldn´t have surprised me, after all I seem to have a preference for shounen animes and the sports ones figure more often than not in my favorite ones – Kuroko no Basket, The Prince Of Tennis, Captain Tsubasa, Hungry Heart, Gigant Killing, Slam Dunk, Eyeshield 21, Diamond no Ace, etc.-, so liking Haikyuu! was no brainer, but…, right now I´m actually surprise for how much I love it! Continue reading

Digimon Adventure Tri.-Same but different “Igual pero diferente”

So… I´m trying a new format for some especial cases, ´cause there are posts that I would like to share in English and Spanish, being Digimon Adventure Tri one of them.

“Así que…, estoy tratando un nuevo formato  para casos especiales, porque hay posts que me gustaría compartir tanto en inglés como español, y  Digimon Adventre Tri, es uno de ellos.”


581642I watched Digimon for the first time when I was like 8 or 9 years old, and like anyone back them, I loved the anime. In fact my brothers and I used to watch the series everyday in FOX KIDS; we had our favorite characters -mine was always Matt/Yamato-, favorite digimons and we even pretended to be choosen  kids.

“Vi Digimon por primera vez  cuando tenía unos 8 o 9 años y como cualquiera en ese entonces ame el anime. De hecho mis hermanos y yo lo veíamos diario por FOX KIDS; teníamos nuestros personajes preferidos -el mio siempre fue Matt/Yamato-, digimons preferidos e incluso jugabamos a ser niños elegidos!”

More than any anime back then, Digimon was something different for me, it was lessons in friendship and courage, not giving up, not blaiming yourself for your parents divorce or issues, learning not to be alone, taking care and loving your siblings and many other things. We could all relate to the choosen children one way or another, and that´s why…, it was amazing.

“Más que cualquier otro anime de aquel entonces, Digimon era algo diferente, era lecciones sobre amistad y valor, no darse por vencido, no sentirse culpable por el divorcio de tus padres  o sus problemas, aprender a no  estar solo,  cuidar y querer a tus hermanos y muchas cosas más. Todos podíamos sentirnos identificados con los niños elegidos de una u otra forma y eso…, eso era sorprendente.”

digimon_adventure_ending_1_by_rosmazeppelinWhe the series finished, I had conflicted feelings; on one side It was great to see the epic conclusion of this anime on the final battle against Apocalymon, but on the other one… the series that had meant so much to me had colcluded.

“Cuando la serie termino, tuve sentimientos encontrados, por un lado fue genial ver la épica conclusión de este anime  en la batalla  final contra Apocalymon, pero por el otro…  la serie que había significado tanto  para mi había llegado a su fin.”

Sometime later came Digimon Adventure 02, and after that Digimon Tamers, followed by Digimon Frontier; and although I watched all of these series, non of the subsequent animes were able to recapture the magic of the first Digimon series -even if in my opinion Frontier came close-, it just wasn´t the same. So… I though I was done with Digimon and then the Digimon Adventure Tri rumors began.”

1225413641872_f“Un tiempo después de esto vino Digimon Adveture 02, y después Digimon Tamers, seguido de Digimon Frontier; y si bien vi todas estas series, ninguno de los animes subsecuentes fue capaz de recapturar la magia de la primera serie de Digimon -pesé a que Frontier se acercara según mi opinión-, simplemente no fue lo mismo. Así que pensé que ya había acabado con Digimon cuando… los rumores sobre Digimon Adventure Tri empezaron”.

I´d be lying if I said that I didn´t have my concerns at the begining, but I tried to see it in the most positive way -specially  after finding out it was a series of movies and not an anime series-, but… having seen the final results, I can gladly say that I´m happy with the results.

“Mentiría si dijera que al principio no tuve mis dudas, pero trate de ver las cosas de una manera positiva -incluso después de enterarme de que se trataría de una serie de películas y no de un anime- pero… habiendo visto el resultado final, me complace poder decir que estoy feliz con los resultados.” Continue reading

Black Cat: ´cause Train Heartnet deserves another ride

Years ago my cable provider finally decided to include Animax in our package, that was in 2006 or 7 I believe.

Then streaming anime wasn´t something I could do easily, so… I had to wait until the local channels decided to try putting more anime on air or until Animax premiered some new animes -something difficult ´cause more often than not, they repeated episodes over and over again-.

Black Cat was one of the animes aired by AnimaxLA in those years along with Get Backers, The Prince of Tennis, The 12 Kingdoms, Hunter X Hunter, Bleach, Full Meta Alchemist and others.

Because of its animation and characters design, Black Cat was one of the animes I followed religiously, even if the story wasn´t that good and at times left me feeling like something was missing. I went trough great lengths to make sure I didn´t miss an episode, and finally I saw the great confrontation between Train and… Eve?

That´s right at the end of Black Cat Train´s big confrontation wasn´t against Creed Diskenth, but Eve the girl weapon that Sven -Train´s associate- took into his care almost at the same time as Train. So… Black Cat´s anime ended and I still felt like something was missing, so I decided to check the manga.

Imagine my surprise when the story presented in the manga turned out to be very different and extremely superior than the half-baked anime adaptation I watched on my TV. Continue reading