The Last Valentine by Felix Alexander

Loved it-hated it

A true valentine to Valentine´s.

As I mentioned in my previous post about my Valentine´s book list, it´s been a very long time since I last had the opportunity to read a book thanks to @Booktasters and not because I didn’t want to -quite the contrary-, but because this year I have decided to have an specific theme per month -or at least try to- and ´til now, I didn´t feel like the books they had available fitted with the theme.

But luckily, this month there was The Last Valentine by Felix Alexander, who right from the beginning I got, has the soul of a real poet.

32978448´Cause besides its surprisingly thrilling political-historical story, packed in mysteries; The Last Valentine is really and ode to love and romance, and I mean all kinds of it; from the passionate one, to the possessive one, the obsessive one; the love born of patience and understanding, of words and communication; the love that like a flame is ignited instantly, the one that is everlasting, the one that is meant to be, the one that´s forbidden, earned, given, that destroys and lifts spirits, etc.

This book is all about it, the different notions of love and the actions that people commit because of it, so it shouldn´t come as a surprise that I absolutely loved it!

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Tarquin Jenkins and the Book of Dreams by Peter Ford

Loved it-hated it

Be careful what you wish for, ´cause you might get it all.

It might sound like a cliche, but honestly speaking I would bet that was what passed through Tarquin´s mind more than once through Tarquin Jenkins and The Book of Dreams, as it was pretty much the first thing that came to my mind after reading this book; one that once again I had the opportunity to read thanks to @Booktasters and the author himself.

Which is why  I´m ashamed to admit that this review has been way overdue, -´cause I got this book a couple of months ago- and I´m just now writing about it; something that hasn´t been for lack of trying!, except it kind o has. Because while I was initially interested in the book due to its concept -a history loving geek traveling through time!-, reading it turned out to be quite difficult. Continue reading

Unmarked Vampire by Belinda Laj

Loved it-hated it

Just when you think there´s nothing that could be added to the vampire genre, along comes and author that not only expands it, but also respects everything that came before it.

It certainly isn´t easy, but it´s something that Belinda Laj has managed to do in her Unmarked Vampire story.

As anyone reading this blog would know by now, I´m a supernatural junkie and love, more like adore the vampire genre; so I have pretty much read all of the classics and most popular books and series.

So when @Booktasters gave me the opportunity to read a book about vampires, I basically jumped at it and started reading right away. Continue reading

Inside Out by Jack Kearney

Loved it-hated it


There´s something to be said about the justice system and the “rehabilitation” centers in general. We -as citizens that have never experience the missfourtune of ending up in jail- know that everyday thousand -if not more- people are convicted for crimes that they didn´t commit or a receive punishment far worse than the crime, but since it doesn´t affect us, we don´t really care that much.

Still… there´s something about the life on prison and convicts that fascinates us, and that´s why we can not help but love the films, series, book, etc., about it.

In Inside Out, Jack Kearney presents us a story that at this point we´re all pretty familiar with, the one of a man that´s wrongly accussed of a crime he didn´t commint -although if his wrongly accussed or not depends of how you see it- and to whom the system has failed.

Inside OutAs I mentioned before this premise is hardly new but luckly for Kearney the story works beyond this and can be read in different levels. It´s common to see the story of the innocent man that at the end proves his innocence and it´s able to survive the horrors of prison, where he finds out there´s good people and bad people on the same boat, paying the same for very different crimes.

At first glace Inside Out it´s just that story, until.. it isn´t and you get to see first hand how prison changes people -and not necessarily for the best- and why ex convicts more often than not go back time and time again thank´s to a system that isn´t really doing it´s best to rehabilitate people. Continue reading

Ghost Light by LeeAnne Hansen

Loved it-hated it

In the world of theater there are many believes, some believe that the actors shouldn´t read the last line of the script until opening night, others that to wish goog luck actually brigs bad luck; and there´s also the Ghost light the light that should always be burning on and empty theater to ward of the spirits.

LeeAnne Hansen teaches us about this and other believes that the theater folk have or used to have in her ghostly/romance/mystery novel Ghost Light, where we meet Fiona the main actress of a theater troop that suddenly gets itself involve in the most dangerous play of their lives, one that actually takes place in and out of their home. Continue reading

The Time Thief by Charles Edward Stoll

Loved it-hated it

Time is a relative thing, or at least that´s what we ´re all told at a certain moment in our lives. What seems like and terrible long and endless lecture to you can be the shortest must exciting lecture in the life of another individual.

This is as far as I can tell happens because everyone´s is different, we have different beliefs, opinions, points of views, likes and dislikes, etc.


The Time Thief makes you questions this and other conventional believes, through a story that even if sometimes seems to be inconsistent and lack a clear end game, it´s quite enjoyable and captivating.

I think the main problem I had with The Time Thief is that at times -pun not intended- I felt as if I was reading 2 different stories -sometimes even 3- and though I knew that they were going to circle back somehow. I wasn´t totally happy with how that came to be -nor how it ended-.

That being said I truly enjoyed most of the main characters that the story followed, ´cause they turned out to be very human and relatable; this I think was possible because each one shows us different aspects of the human being. Continue reading