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Super Sons: Up up and away?

All-time favorites

cefgrokwaaaqxsdSo…, I´m starting to think the Comic book Gods have something against me ´cause first Marvel cancels Spider-woman -I meant to write about it, but I was really upset-, then I hear that Laura Kinney´s run as Wolverine is coming to a close and now! Now! DC is canceling Super Sons?

Like seriously? why? Super Sons is one of the best things to come from the whole DC Rebirth! -along with Jonathan Kent as Superboy, but that pretty much comes hand in hand so there-, I mean I know that the plan is apparently to have both Damian and Jon in the new Young Justice comic -probably written by Tomasi-, but still!

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All-time favorites

Countdown to 12.- Comics at the Top and Bottom of my Shelf

All-time favorites

First were books, then movies, and now with the year about to end here are my favorite and least favorite comics of the year!

Just like with the other list, this is divided on my top 6 and bottom 6, which don´t necessarily reflect the best or worst comics of the year, just the ones that I liked the most and least.

So… here we go!

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Loved it/Hated it

#1sentenceWednesdays.- New Year at the Ritz “Review”

Loved it-hated it


One Sentence Wednesdays is a weekly meme originally hosted and created by Rebeca at “Books and Messy Buns”,that anyone can join.

Since her blog is going through some changes and I really like her weekly memes, I asked for her permission to continue with them and here we are.

To participate all you have to do is:

Pick up the book you’re currently reading -or read last-, think about what it made you feel -is making you feel-. Describe it in one sentence, make a post in your own blog sharing your sentence and link back to my blog as the host. Finally, share the link to your post in the comments section here for the book community to see:)

Note: Please refer the creator of the meme and the host (this blog/this post) in your own post and leave a comment down below with a link to your 1SW so all the participant can have a look and share their thoughts too!

My Sentence is:

I want to travel to London!

-about New Year at the Ritz by Nikki Moore

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Off the shelf

Star Trek.- To Go Boldly

Off the shelf

The way things are going, I should probably consider making this a books/movies/TVseries blog with things from my life and thoughts that are thrown randomly than a books/movies/anime/comics/TVseries one with random things. ´cause it´s been a long time since I last wrote about comics.

But there are only so many hours in the day and besides work -freelance and official-, I do have other responsibilities; and I quite honestly I´m a little lazy with my writing so…. there´s also that.

st_boldlygo01-coverAnyway…, from some reason right when my countdown to Rogue One´s premiere began -I´m planning to post my thoughts on that movie, hopefully before the year ends- I decided to catch up on my Star Trek comics!

How Star Wars took me to Star Trek is anyone´s guess, but the thing is that I returned to the Star Trek comics I was reading, only to discover that the main title was finished.

And not only that! It also turned out there is new comic undergoing -which also made me realize how out of the rest of the comic book world I have been since Rebirth-, so…. in the end I had a lot more catching up than I expected.

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Keeping or leaving?

#DCRebirth – It´s Time to Give DC Another Go

Last year around the time I started this blog, I made a post about All New All Different Marvel and the comics I was most excited to read. I did it more to keep track of what I wanted to read than in hope anyone would read my post so… I decided to do the same with DC.

Now I´m a little late for this since DC Rebirth began like 2 weeks ago but lately, it has been difficult to balance my life so…

Anyway, these time I decided to separate the comics released in 4 main categories: Sure, Might, Nope, and Undecided.

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Off the shelf

The New Archie: So.. there´s this comic

Off the shelf

Well I don´t know if I´ll be able to do this every week, but I´d like to at least do it every month, and that´s quoting some comics and maybe even some animes, mangas, movies etc., at least once a month.

And because I have been wanting to write about one of the comics are read that are neither Marvel nor DC, but I haven´t had the opportunity ´till now, I decided that there was no better day than this one to do so.

Be straight, be weird. Be whatever, just be what you want to be, and if people don´t like it… That´s what the S stands for.
-Jughead, All New Archie #2-

So the truth is that I never got Archie, not really I mean thanks to my mom I watched some of the old cartoon and even a live action movie I think -did they called them live action back then?- and I actually find it funny but that was pretty much it.

Archie was the only comic that I ever saw my mother reading and while entertaining, I never got into it. I didn´t even knew that Sabrina Spellman was originated there! and I was a big fan of the series! the point is that I have always been aware of what´s happening on Archie but is not until recently that I started reading the comics. Continue reading “The New Archie: So.. there´s this comic”

All-time favorites

Superman American Alien: Who wants to be an American Hero?

Since I mostly seem to read and write about Marvel comics, it seemed fair that coming back to this little corner of my blog, I´d  go with a DC title that I´m loving and will be sad to see go, and that´s Superman American Alien!

Those who now me in person, are aware of the fact that I´m not a big Superman fan, I not a Batman fan either -but that´s more ´cause I personally think that the character is way overrated-, so I´m unaware as to what possessed me to start reading this comic; was it the art?, the glowing reviews I read and heard? the fact that it was a limited series?

Well… I guess it truly doesn´t matter, the point is that I´m a big fan now and I´m anxious to see what the big DC Rebirth does for the character -I really hope someone is able to imitate what Max Landis was able to do here-.

My problem with Superman has always been similar to my troubles with Captain America, I could never relate to him, he was always too powerful, too good and straightforward, etc., to be of my liking; but this time, I actually had fun reading about the character. Continue reading “Superman American Alien: Who wants to be an American Hero?”

Movie thoughts

Batman V Superman: Dawn of something promising (El origen de algo prometedor)

Movie Thoughts

Ok… there´s no other way to start this other than saying… I love this movie! It´s awesome! There, I said it.

Ok… no hay otra forma de empezar esto más que decir que… ¡Amo esta peicula! ¡Es genial! Ya, lo dije.

That being said, I have to admit that even if I liked it, this isn´t by any means a perfect movie. I mean yes the acting was on point -with a certain exception-, the cinematography was gorgeous, the músic amazing and the story managed to explore many aspect without seeming overcharged, so.. kudos to the writers for pulling that one out, although this is not the best movie in history.

Una vez dicho esto debo admitir que aunque me gusto la peli, no es en ninguna forma una película perfecta; quiero decir que sí, las actuaciones son excelentes -con cierta excepción-, la cinematografía es preciosa, la música asombrosa y la historia fue capaz de explorar varios aspectos sin parecer sobrecargada así que… kudos para los escritores por eso, pero… no, no es la mejor película de la historia. 

Anyway… if it wasn´t obvious, this is my cronic/review of the awaited Warner Brothers and DC Comics movie. But befor starting I have to warn you that this review is spolery – Itried to avoid them! but I don´t think I pulled it fully-so.. read under your own risk. and because I didn´t have any idea of how to begin well… here are my thoughts before, during and after the movie:

En fin… por si no era obvio, esta es mi reseña/crónica de la tan esperada entrega de Warner Brothers y DC Comics. Antes de empezar debo advertir que puede que esta reseña tiene algunos spoilers -¡trate de evitarlos! pero no creo haberlo hecho del todo-así que… lean bajo su propio riesgo, y como no tenía idea de que manera iniciar mi reseña pues… he aquí mis pensamientos antes, durante y después de ver la película: 

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Movie thoughts

The mysterious case of Deadpool “El misterioso caso de Deadpool”

Movie Thoughts

El 12 de febrero finalmente llego, trayendo con sigo la tan esperada noche en la que finalmente seria capaz de ver la primera película de superheroes del año: Deadpool; habiendo esperado la película con tanta anticipación no es de extrañar que en cuanto los boletos estuvieron a la venta, hablara con mis amigos y me dirigiera a comprarlos cuanto antes.

February 12th finally arrived, bringing with it the awaited night in which I´d finally be able to watch the first superhero movie of the year: Deadpool. Having waited for this movie with such excitment, it´s not a surprise that as soon as the tickets were on sale, I spoke to my friends and bought them.


Después de todo con semejantes trailers y campaña publicitaria, Deadpool sería sin lugar a duda una de las mejores películas basadas en comics que jamás he visto, sino es que la mejor, y yo no podía esperar para verla.

After all, such trailers and ad campaign, Deadpool had to be with out doubt one of the best if not the best comic book based movie ever seen, and I couldn´t wait to see it

Por lo tanto imaginen mi desconcierto al haber ido al cine la noche del jueves para amanecer viernes, solo para descubrir que la película que tanto había estado esperando; simplemente… no me gusto. Mi desconcierto fue incluso aun mayor al mirar a mi alrededor y notar que al parecer todo el mundo estaba disfrutando la película mucho más que yo.

So imagine my bewilderment after going to the cinema on late thursday, early friday and discovering that the movie I had been waiting so long for just… wasn´t to my liking. This belwilderment only grew when I saw that the people around me were enjoying the movie way more than me. Continue reading “The mysterious case of Deadpool “El misterioso caso de Deadpool””

Keeping or leaving?

#MarvelOctober – More Comics than I know what to do with

Secret wars hasn´t finish yet -between so many delays that´s hardly surprising-, but the new titles post Doom´s world are right at the corner; some of them look good, others seem a little risky and then there are those that fit more under the WTF?! description.

Even if I wanted to read all this comics, between this ones, DC, Image and Boom, finishing Battle Royale, starting and finishing another book, catching up with my animes, following my tv series, work, Japanese and all; I wouldn´t have the time.

So… Is time I cut my losses and begin dividing the titles on 3 categories : picking for sure, might pick and not touching Continue reading “#MarvelOctober – More Comics than I know what to do with”