Descendants 2,- Those you Leave Behind


1I pretty much started this blog with a Descendants review, so I guess it makes sense that I´d finally return to it after watching Descendants 2, which premiered via Disney Channel pretty much 2 weeks ago.

So… as some of you might know, I´m a big Disney fan -which includes the Disney Channel-, so I usually watch all the of its DCOMs –Disney Channel Original Movies– more than once, and while I have liked some other movies that have come out since Descendants –Invisible Sister, The Swap– I have to admit that Descendants was still my favorite.

Therefore you can imagine how anxious I was to watch the promised sequel, especially when the heists were so high, ´cause sequels always have it difficult, since they not only have to live up to the hype of the previous movie but also ideally do better.

So… How did Descendants 2 do?

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Rotten to the Core


Disney “Descendants” premiered on DisneyChannel at the end of July, but it my country it took about 2 weeks until it was released -not bad at all considering we used to get movies after months-

As a long fan of the fantasy genre, books, fairy tales and more or less of the  DisneyChannel, I´m not ashamed to say that I was anxiously waiting for this movie. What was there not to love? I quite enjoy the Disney musicals when they are well executed -I fell victim to Highschool Musical for a long time-, I also like fairy tales, find Dove Cameron entertaining on Liv&Maddie and I have a big personal interest in the portrait of  trouble children by setting; so obviously my expectations were perphaps a little to high for a DisneyChannel movie.

The movie didn´t really dissappointed me. It was enjoyable and I even watched it with my mother ´cause she got curious after watching the tv ad; and I guess there lays the problem; I strongly believe that the film should have been a movie theater release -considering the resent box offices success of the real life fairy tale genre-.

And though I liked some of the songs “Don´t you wanna be evil”, “If only” and “Be our guest”; I think Disney shouldn´t have pushed so much for it to be a musical, ´cause while the musical numbers were good and the choreography was ok, the integration of said numbers into the movie was kind of disjoined -this wasn´t help by the fact that they were very far in between-.

All these things aside, I certainly liked this movie way more than Teen Beach 2, and anyother DisneyChannel movie post Highschool Musical era. Continue reading