Girl Meets Goodbye: To Find Your Place


I was not ready for this, it´s been weeks and I´m still not ready, and maybe, maybe  I´ll never be. ´Cause this show still had a lot to give, and proof of that are episodes like this one, that managed to perfectly balance fan-service, humor, feels and life lessons.

As I have mentioned before, Girl Meets World and I have had our issues, but still, I love -loved?- this show so much that watching this episode actually made me tear up a little -and I don´t cry!-, therefore it´s just now, that I´m sort of able to write about this episode, which in true GMW fashion, though it was a goodbye of sorts; somehow it still managed to leave me feeling hopeful.

But, let´s leave that aside for the moment and dig deeper into Girl Meets Goodbye

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Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen: Here´s to an Uncertain Future


x240-gljCan we prepare for the future based on our past? ´cause basically that´s what history is all about, to learn from our mistakes and prepare ourselves for what is to come based on what we have experience but… can we really be prepare?

That´s the question that Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen had its protagonists asking themselves and hence we find ourselves asking ourselves the same question. ´Cause we all know no matter how much we look back on our lives to be prepared, the only certain thing in life is that life is uncertain.

Just like the future of this great show is at the moment; something that having seen this episode, I can´t help but think the writers already knew but let´s not the well so much on that and move onto the episode itself:

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Girl Meets World Cancelled.- Gone Before it Could Really Meet the World

We suspecedt it was coming but it still hurts, it hurts and it´s a sad, sad day when a good show, a show that you like it´s canceled. Especially when that show had so much more potential!



I mean Girl Meets World and I have had our stumbles, and there were some episodes that really made me question why I watched the series, but overall it was a good series and it saddens me that the series won´t be able to stretch its arms and grow into the great show it could have been.

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Girl Meets a Christmas Maya: To Know What You Have


s03e18_277Why am I not surprised  Riley is so over the top about Christmas? In fact if anything surprised me, is that we are 3 seasons in, and it´s only now become apparent how much into Christmas she is!

I mean in season 1 we had a Christmas episode but in a way it was more along the lines of recovering a long-lost family member -Shawn- and fan service than anything else, so… maybe that´s why?

Anyhow, it might be a little silly, but the reason why I´m just now writing my thoughts about this episode is because I decide to wait ´til Christmas to watch Girl Meets a Christmas Maya as part of my being more into the Christmas spirit -along with watching and reading Christmassy things- so… Christmas day it was.

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Girl Meets Bear: It´s All about Growing Up


Two more posts! Two more posts and I´ll finally be up to date on my Girl Meets World reviews! Not that anyone cares but still! I´m glad for it.

Anyway, at this point discussing the horrible job done by the Disney Channel promos team isn´t even worth it, so I won´t even mention them anymore after today but Girl Meets Bear… well to be perfectly honest, I don´t think the promos were that off with this one, ´cause this, this wasn´t that great of an episode.

In fact, I played with the idea of just skipping it and jumping onto reviewing Girl Meets the Lady of New York -a far superior episode in my humble opinion-, but then I realised I actually had things to say about this episode so… here we are.


Girl Meets The Real World: Are We Evil?


zaylucasI´m pretty much used to it now, so I have decided to give an episode the benefit of the doubt whenever I see a promo of Girl Meets World on Disney Channel, cause honestly speaking the promos are often misleading, so.. even though the promos for Girl Meets The Real World made it seem like a silly episode, I decided not to judge.

So… was I right to do so? Was this a great episode? Well… the short answer is yes. In fact, surprisingly I would say that is one of the strongest episodes of the season and while I liked Girl Meets I Do,  this episode here is really the one that reminds me how great the show can be and  why I love it so much. Continue reading

Girl Meets I Do: Because Sometimes you Just Have to Take a Lip


In my previous review I mentioned how sometimes I question my love for this show, well Girl Meets I Do managed to remind me why I like this show, and confirm that for me the episodes that had nothing to do with the triangle were the best ones.

Now, I´m not saying that it was a perfect episode, because it had its issues, but it´s by far one of the episodes I have enjoyed the most in this season. From Maya´s  emotional conflict to the Cory&Shawn interaction, the Finny cameo, the humor, etc.

So.. what happened? Well as you might remember, just in the middle of the 3 part Maya identity crisis, at the end of the of Girl Meets Upstate, Shawn proposed to Kathy and she accepted, so obviously sooner or later there was going to be a wedding; and while I seriously thought it would be latter -at least ´till the end of the season-; I can´t say I´m that surprised and I´m actually okay with it?

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Girl Meets Ski Lodge pts 1&2: Welcome Back to the Status Quo


Sometimes I kind of question my love for this series, I mean I don´t miss an episode but… when I think about it, most of the time I write a review for Girl Meets World, I seem to be ranting -I really should have started writing at the beginning of season 2-

Case in point, while I have seen Girl Meets Ski Lodge Pt1, Ski Lodge Pt 2, Girl Meets I Do, Girl Meets The Real World and Girl Meets Bear  -more on those in a later posts-, is not until today that I dare to try again and write about the former 2 episodes, and it´s not as if I didn´t try to do it before so… you can pretty much guess that I wasn´t a fan.

tumblr_oaoj6swtxo1titwzho1_1280Anyhow, Girl Meets Ski Lodge -both parts- had Riley and her friends -more like all the class I think- going back to the Ski Lodge that “almost destroyed the Cory/Topanga relationship”. If you are or were a fan of Boy Meets World, you´ll probably remember that it was in that episode where Cory met Lauren, a girl he could speak to for hours without noticing and who really liked him, in fact on Girl Meets Pluto there was a reference to this event when Cory, Shawn and Topanga open their time capsule and there was a letter.

Anyhow, returning to Girl Meets Ski Lodge, as it has pretty much become a tradition; I was scared that they were just going to recycle that same plot but with Riley and Lucas, and they can of did, but didn´t? Continue reading

Girl Meets Triangle, Upstate & True Maya:´Cause People Change People


So… as soon as I saw Girl Meets Triangle, I wanted to write, more accurately I wanted to write and rant, ´cause that episode, that episode left me with a really bad taste in my mouth, therefore even if it pained me I decided to wait and oh boy did I have to wait -thanks to Disney´s inability to release episodes of this show without breaks-.

The plan was then, to write my thoughts after watching Girl Meets Upstate but… by the time that happened I wasn´t sure if it was the right call, ´cause while the episode was funny, entertaining and had Shawn… it still didn´t feel right. It was like something was missing and so I waited again and I´m kind of glad I did because though these episodes, unlike Girl Meets Texas, didn´t have the same name and the Part 1, 2 & 3 suffix, they were part of a three-episode story arc. Continue reading

Girl Meets Permanent Record: That Spanish should go on a permanent record


That woman is a terrible teacher, how can they call that Spanish!, That´s not Spanish, it´s pseudo-Spanish! Couldn´t they use flashcards or something like that to make sure she spoke Spanish!

I mean really? “Yo tengo las primeras para volver a ustedes” what the heck is that suppose to mean?! ¡¿las primeras qué?!, ¡¿volver?! ¡¿a dónde?! And then seeing the subtitles telling me that she was saying “Tengo sus primeros examenes para regresarles”.


What she really said, what the shows says she said ¬¬ (by the way I picked this picture from TV Showtime and awesome app)

I mean I liked the episode and it was one of the best ones so far but still, I couldn´t quite enjoy it because of this, I really felt offended! If you´re making a TV show and having your actors speak Spanish, the least you could do is make sure they do it properly! especially if the person speaking is supposed to be to be a teacher for christ shake! If it had been a student or anyone else I wouldn´t have a problem with it, but! Continue reading