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Why The Good Place Totally Deserves The Season 2 Order


Last fall I made a list of all the shows that I wanted to see in 2016-2017, ´cause back then it was my intention to not only watch all of them but also review some. Needless to say that real life had other plans and now I can barely keep with all the things I want to read, watch and write, but… anyway.

goodplace-keyart-responsiveAnyway between all of these new shows, there was a little NBC comedy wich only had a 13 episode order this season and had Kristen Bell as it´s protagonist.

Now I´m not a big Kristen Bell fan, I mean I know she did Ana´s voice in Frozen -I think-  and that she was the lead on the fan favorite series Veronica Mars -which for some reason I never got to watch-, so… quite frankly the only reason why I decided to watch the series was because the trailer sold it to me.

But I could have never imagined that The Good Place -the show mentioned- would become one of my favorites, my favorite comedy -so far-, and the one show that I couldn´t miss at all!

Reasons to love The Good Place I´ve got plenty, ´cause yes, it´s just that good; but since this is already turning out to be a long post, I decided to just enlist some of the reasons why this is such a forking awesome show.

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Books to be My Valentine

Calling my name

8908081eae330583c43629481bd0b107Yes, I know. We´re basically halfway through February, and I´m just posting my book picks of the month; but since today is Valentine´s, I figured it was a good day as any to post the books that I intended to read this month.

Last month, ´cause I knew I wouldn´t have that much time, I planned on reading only 3 books -I think-, but in the end, even that turned out to be too many, since Middlemarch turned out to be a way more difficult read than expected.

Anyway, this month, I´m back to making things difficult for myself, since I have 4 books listed, and I´m still reading the first one -there are so many things to do!-, so… let´s see how things turn around this month.

Here are my Valentine´s Day book picks:

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Christmas Books Caroling My Name!

Calling my name

Christmas is here! Well, sort of…., I mean is December and Christmas is coming so since last month I made a list of all the books I wanted to read before November ended -which I did! by the way-, and I had previously pretty much abandoned this section of my blog, I decided to do it again.

The only difference is that this time instead of reading monster´s and ghost´s stories, I decided to go for Christmas and winter stories because… Christmas?


I mean, I don´t really like Christmas that much, but I also don´t hate the celebration. So, let´s just say it´s not that big of a deal for me, and that probably has something to do with my family life, but that´s something for another post.

Anyway, this Christmas I´m trying to be more positive and give it a try, so… I´m actually participating in some traditions -some of which are from my country, other´s American, and a mix of both- and reading Christmas books! Hence my list:

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Halloween & Día de Muertos Books Whispering to me

Calling my name

I usually dedicate this section to the books I really, really wish to read. The ones that keep teasing me with their synopsis and Goodreads keeps on pushing my way.  But since I have only written 2 posts in this section -not counting this one-, I have decided to
do something a little different and make a sort of book list per month -or 2 months-.

I have sort of done something like this in my comic book posts, so… the rules to apply here will be kind of similar.

capturaAnyway, in this instance, I decided to go with books that gave me a kind of Halloween and Día de Muertos feeling, ´cause that´s basically October and November -at least in regards to festivities-  are all about in my country if you leave the 20 de noviembre behind -revolutions day-

And I know that October is almost over, but this just makes it more fun to see if at least I´ll manage to finish one book in a week, right?

Anyhow, these are my  October-November picks -warning I don´t like horror-:

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Tarquin Jenkins and the Book of Dreams by Peter Ford

Loved it-hated it

Be careful what you wish for, ´cause you might get it all.

It might sound like a cliche, but honestly speaking I would bet that was what passed through Tarquin´s mind more than once through Tarquin Jenkins and The Book of Dreams, as it was pretty much the first thing that came to my mind after reading this book; one that once again I had the opportunity to read thanks to @Booktasters and the author himself.

Which is why  I´m ashamed to admit that this review has been way overdue, -´cause I got this book a couple of months ago- and I´m just now writing about it; something that hasn´t been for lack of trying!, except it kind o has. Because while I was initially interested in the book due to its concept -a history loving geek traveling through time!-, reading it turned out to be quite difficult. Continue reading “Tarquin Jenkins and the Book of Dreams by Peter Ford”

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I´m really behind my reading but “Fred the vampire accoutant” won´t get out of my head!

Calling my name

So… I have like 3 or 4 books to read yet, 2 of which I´m currently reading, but it´s kind of difficult to finish them when all I want to read is The utterly uninteresting and unadventurous tales of Fred, the vampire accountant by Drew Hayes.

What´s worse, there´s even a sequel! Death and Taxes -doesn´t that sounds hillarious?!-, I really, really want to read this book, so much that even if I haven´t finish any of my other books, I have already order it!

It´s just there, liying on my play book, tempting me, asking me to just click on it and start reading, promising me a fun ride, with the kind of stories I enjoy the most. Paranormal-fantasy novels and vampires, can´t forget the vampires!

As far as I know the book is kind of a paranormal satire that follows the story of Fred and utterly boring vampire that has been like that -boring that´s it- since birth until his not life, who one fateful night -not the one he was transformed into a vampire- finds himself inmersed in a bloody mess that promise to involve him more with the paranormal than he already is, were zombies it seems are chipper, wereponies are a thing -and drive trucks-, necromancers are maniacs -I already new that! thank´s Shaman King– and dragons exist -because why not?-

With the main protagonist as a timid, socially awkward and full of self-esteem issues vampire; how am I suppouse to resist?!

Well I guess ranting helps, I gotta be patient, finish my other books and then come back to Fred”

I must resist! Have you ever been tempted by a book? what do you do to resist the temptation? Do you even try?