Why Voltron Legendary Defender is more than a Kids Show

Why not

voltron-legendary-defender-1-e14549694407951You know what’s the best thing about getting into a series late on? Particularly a Netflix one?
Not having to wait months for a new season!

So…, yeah basically a month ago, I finally decided to make use of my Netflix subscription and watch some of the Netflix show that I have been meaning to watch but for some reason, I haven’t, and… among them there was Voltron!

So… yeah, at the beginning I was a little unsure ’cause while I have been a huge fan of “kids series” like Phineas & Ferb, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Gravity Falls, Miraculous Lady Bug, etc., there have been some others that… have made me wonder what the heck are kids watching and learning these days -and man does that make me feel old-.

But in the end… watching the promo and learning that some of the creative team behind The Legend of Korra were also behind this series… well I had to give it a chance.

And I’m actually glad I did! I won’t say that Voltron Legendary DefendersVLD– is the best-animated series out there, ’cause there are plenty of awesome series and it does start kind of slow, but what I will say without doubt is that the series does have a lot of attention to detail, it’s really well written, has awesome animation, heart and doesn’t dumb things down. Continue reading


Movies to Say bye To the Summer (Películas para Despedir el Verano)

Watching or waiting

Time really flies when you’re having fun, or when you´re so busy that you can´t do any of the things you like. But.. anyhow be it whatever the case it is, there´s an irrefutable truth, summer is over.

El tiempo vuela cuando te diviertes, o cuándo estás tan ocupado que no tienes tiempo de hacer nada de lo que te gusta. Pero en fin… cualquiera que sea el caso, hay una verdad irrefutable y esa es que el verano se ha terminado.

For some of us, this means nothing, since we don´t have vacations anyway, but for some others, the end of summer means going back to school or work. So… in order to hopefully make this transition easier on myself -after all, kids going back to class means more traffic for me and waking up earlier-, here´s my list of the movies that I definitely don´t want to miss this August and some that… I´m still thinking about.

Para algunos de nosotros esto no significa nada, ya que de cualquier modo no tuvimos vacaciones, pero para otros el final del verano significa volver a la escuela o trabajo. Así que… con el fin de tratar de hacer esta transición más fácil para mi misma -ya que el que los niños regresen a la escuela significa más tránsito para mí y tener que levantarme más temprano-, he aquí mi lista de las películas que definitivamente no me quiero perder este Agosto y aquellas que… aún estoy contemplando.   

Note: As always, since I live in Mexico, this list only has the Mexican release date, so you have been warned

Nota: Como siempre porque vivo en México, esta lista soló tiene la fecha de lanzamiento en México así que… han sido advertidos. 

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Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 11 “Mea Maxima Culpa”.- And so… It Begins!


shadowhunters-season-2-trailer-premieres-on-january-2-at-8pm-7cShadowhunters is finally back! Yeah, I´m actually excited about this show coming back and as you might know, I wasn´t a fan when it began, but! The mid-season finale really got to me and managed to raise my expectations, and so… here I am.

Anyhow the Season 2B premiere had the monumental task of connecting season´s A overall arch to this one´s, all the while maintaining the urgency feeling and not lowering the quality Shadowhunters has managed to rise -in fact, I would have to say that the big task for this half of the season is to raise it even more!-

So… how did the summer premiere do? Well, I´m here, no? -late, but here- So that should give you a hint, therefore here we go:

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Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 10 “By the Light of Dawn”.-A Storm is Coming


shadowhunters-season-2-trailer-premieres-on-january-2-at-8pm-7cIf you had told me a couple of weeks ago that I would be here writing about Shadowhunters of all shows, I would have pegged you as crazy, ´cause yeah…, that first episode was awful.

But here we are after 23 episodes, so there must be something to this show, right?

Well…, Shadowhunters is still not on Teen Wolf levels of awesomeness, but it´s getting there! ´cause as I have mentioned before season 2 is really a vast improvement to season 1. I´m finally fully invested in the characters and what´s happening with them outside of the overall plot, and that I have always believed, it´s the markings of good TV; when you start to care so much for the characters that the plot is just an extra.

But it wasn´t until this week episode that I had the need to write about one of this show episodes, ´cause… things got real pretty quickly in the Winter Finale.

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Star Trek: To Go Boldly

Off the shelf

The way things are going, I should probably consider making this a books/movies/TVseries blog with things from my life and thoughts that are thrown randomly than a books/movies/anime/comics/TVseries one with random things. ´cause it´s been a long time since I last wrote about comics.

But there are only so many hours in the day and besides work -freelance and official-, I do have other responsibilities; and I quite honestly I´m a little lazy with my writing so…. there´s also that.

st_boldlygo01-coverAnyway…, from some reason right when my countdown to Rogue One´s premiere began -I´m planning to post my thoughts on that movie, hopefully before the year ends- I decided to catch up on my Star Trek comics!

How Star Wars took me to Star Trek is anyone´s guess, but the thing is that I returned to the Star Trek comics I was reading, only to discover that the main title was finished.

And not only that! It also turned out there is new comic undergoing -which also made me realize how out of the rest of the comic book world I have been since Rebirth-, so…. in the end I had a lot more catching up than I expected.

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Supergirl-Flash-Arrow-Legends Crossover: Invasion! “Who was the Winner?”


The moment we were all waiting for finally came! We had all of the CW´s DC superheroes -or at least most of them – in one long crossover episode that practically amounted to a 2hr or so movie!


Yes, I know it took me ages, but I finally had time to post my thoughts on Invasion, the TV team up we have been all waiting for and never thought would be possible to have, So… eventhough it´s been like a week or so since it… here are my thoughts.

Anyhow, when I heard Supergirl was going to continue on the CW, I knew they had to include her in a crossover sooner or later, in whichever form they could. In fact, I was so excited that my friends and I agreed to wait ´til all the episodes were out so we could watch them as a 2hr movie, and I even got my brothers to watch it!

That being said, I´m a little disappointed that Supergirl -the show- wasn´t part of the crossover; but I can understand the logistics still being kind of wonky and  the fact that making Supergirl part of the main earth in which all events happen, would signify severe changes for the series -and maybe the other ones to-, so… I guess I´m ok with it.

Therefore, since the storyline was really divided in 3 series, I thought it would be a good idea to do the same with my review. So… Invasion!

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 4 “Crossfire”.- Not Everyone Can (Should) be Supergirl


s02e05_21Does everyone have to be a superhero? Like seriously we already have Ms. Martian, Mon-El, and Martina Manhunter -that´s a lot of M´s-, do we really need James Olsen to join them?  and Jimmy Olsen?

I mean nothing against Jimmy, but this seems like the Arrow dilemma with Laurel all over again.

So… let´s just hope it doesn´t go the same way the whole Black Canary arc went down; unless that means Jimmy will leave the series, because if that´s the case… I think I can be ok with it, and it´s not that I don´t like Jimmy, not really, but… anyway onto the episode.

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 3 “Welcome to Earth”.- Aliens! Aliens Everywhere!


suergirl_miss_martian_debutSeriously, how many aliens are there living in Supergirl´s earth?!, How come the D.E.O. doesn´t know about them? Do they know about them?

´Cause there´s a whole bar they didn´t know about so one has to wonder how many other bars are there.

And, if Supergirl´s president is pushing an Alien Amnesty Act, there must be at least hundreds if not thousands of them, right?, right?

Anyway in my last review I mentioned a little about how Supergirl seemed to be treating aliens as a kind of commentary on immigration, and I guess now no one can say that´s not the case since this week Supergirl went full on political with the whole aliens as legal citizens and the introduction of its madame president.

So.. how did this go? Well, let’s see:

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 2 “The Last Children of Krypton”.- Almost Perfect


Me being late to review Supergirl and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. seems to be becoming a tradition -I have to break it, and I have to do it now-.

Anyhow, the season premiere was good, pretty good, in fact, I´d say great; except that for all that I liked the episode, I felt like something was missing. I still don´t know what that “something” was but what I do know is that the second episode, the second episode was awesome!

s02e02_35It had it all! It was funny, had great action, touching moments and even some drama. As I said this episode pretty much had it all, to the point of being almost perfect or at least in my book, which is why I can only hope that Supergirl continues to do as well as in this episode, on a week to week basis.

Anyway… on to The Last Children of Krypton:

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 1 “The Adventures of Supergirl”.- Welcome to your New Home


supergirl-season-2-posterIt´s back! It´s finally back! And I couldn´t be more happy about it. Last season Supergirl was on the list of shows I enjoyed the most. It´s also one of the ones I was the most excited to see return and honestly speaking the one I worried the most about. What with the whole being renewed or not and then, moving to The CW.

I mean, is not like I´m not grateful to the network for picking up the series and not letting it die -although I think it should have been in the CW from the get go-, but… at the same time, I couldn´t help but worry, especially after what has happened to my enjoyment of Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow not being to my liking and The Flash…, well my feelings on that show are almost as complicated as the timelines shown there.

The point is that I was concerned, and the new casting announcements did little to reassure me, in fact. I´d even go as far as saying that they only managed to worry me even more.

And I know that new characters aren´t necessarily a bad thing, sometimes they can be great!, but after what happen to Arrow and his super crowded storylines, and Legends cast without a clear direction nor development, well… yeah I worried.

Luckily, The Adventures of Supergirl was a fun, entertaining, and quite well-rounded episode; so… while I´m still not 100% sure the series won´t go downhill at some point; I´m cautiously optimistic? Anyway, to the episode.

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