Back to School with September Books

Calling my name

35dd2aeccd78625311c5cc11b124b4ccSo, I totally missed the August TBR list, which doesn’t mean I didn’t read plenty of books, just that I didn’t have time to write about it; but now that I seem to have a little more time I´m back with my September list.

And since in my country this month is pretty much about going back to school, well… I decided it was the perfect time to read the books I have that have something to do with it, so…. here we are:

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Movies to Kickoff the Summer (Películas para dar Inicio al Verano)

Watching or waiting

Summer is here! Well… partially ´cause we´re not on vacations or at least not in Mexico -and I don´t have vacations anyway-, but technically speaking Summer has just begun and with it the summer blockbuster movie season -or at least that´s how it’s supposed to go-

¡El verano ya está aquí! Bueno… prácticamente porque no estamos en vacaciones de verano aún, o por lo menos no en México -y no tengo vacaciones de cualquier modo-, pero técnicamente el verano acaba de comenzar y con el la temporada de éxitos de taquilla veraniegos.

Anyhow, this month at least, there are more than 2 movies that I really want to watch, and some others that… I´m still thinking about.

En fin, este mes por lo menos hay más de 2 películas que realmente quiero ver, y otras que… aún estoy contemplando.

And as always just a friendly reminder that this since I live in Mexico, this is the Mexican release schedule, so… with nothing else to address, on to the list:

Y como siempre, solo les recuerdo amigablemente que como vivo en México, esta es la cartelera Mexicana con sus fechas, en fin…, sin nada más que decir, a la lista:

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April´s Fool and not Fooling Movies (Peliculas para Bromear y no Bromear en Abril)

Watching or waiting

Surprisingly, there are not that many movies I wish to watch in April, I mean May had plenty but surprisingly enough, even though April is supposed to be closer to the blockbuster movie summer, nope, there are not that many movies that I wish to watch, which in hindsides is something good, ´cause I´m definitely going to need that money come May.

Sorprendentemente, no hay muchas películas que quiera ver en Abril, quiero decir Mayo tuvo varias pero sorprendentemente, aunque se supone que Abril esta más cerca del verano de películas taquilleras, no, no hay muchas películas que quiera ver, lo cuál si lo pienso es bueno, porque definitivamente voy a necesitar ese dinero en Mayo.

Anyhow, last month I manage to watch in the cinema almost all of the movies I wanted -with the exception of Power Rangers because of several reasons that I´ll discuss later on- so… this month, I should able to manage it, right?

En fin…, el mes pasado logre ver casi todas las películas que quería ver en el cine -con excepción de Power Rangers debido a varios motivos que discutiré más adelante- así que… debería poder lograrlo este mes también, ¿verdad?

Anyhow, on to the list:

De cualquier modo, a la lista:

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March, march, march to the Cinema (Marzo, marcha, marcha al Cine)

Watching or waiting

It´s been a very long time since I last wrote anything in this section of the blog -and many others-, so I thought it was time to try something different -sort off since I´ve been doing it on my book section- and try to post about all the movies I want to watch or I´m at least curious about per month.

Ha pasado mucho tiempo desde la última vez que escribi en esta sección del blog -y muchas otras-, asi que pense que era tiempo de intentar algo diferente -más o menos, ya que lo he estado haciendo en mi sección de libros- y tratar de postear sobre las películas que quiero ver o siento por lo menos curiosidad cada mes.

The reason why it took me ´til March to make this change on the blog is because movies more often than not -still less than in the past- tend to be released in México several weeks -if not months- after their premier in the United States, but since most of the movies I want to watch are blockbusters or animated movies and those tend to be released more or on the same dates -sometimes before with Marvel, sometimes the same day with Fox, and others with a few weeks difference- I decided to make this post in both English and Spanish.

La razón por la cual me tomo hasta Marzo hacer este cambio en el blog, es porque usualmente -aunque menos que en el pasado- las película en México suelen ser estrenadas semanas -sino es que meses- después de su estrenó en Los Estados Unidos, pero en vista de que la mayoría de las películas que quiero ver son blockbusters o animadas y esas tienden a estrenarse más o menos en las mismas fechas -a veces antes con Marvel, otras el mismo día con Fox, y otras más con unas semanas de diferencia-, he decidido hacer este post tanto en Inglés como en Español.

Anyway, here´s the list of the movies -with their Mexican release date- I´m watching at the cinema and the ones I´m waiting to stream:

Enfin, he quí mi lista de las películas -con sus fechas de estreno en México- que vere en el cine y las que esperaré a ver desde mi hogar:

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Supergirl-Flash-Arrow-Legends Crossover: Invasion! “Who was the Winner?”


The moment we were all waiting for finally came! We had all of the CW´s DC superheroes -or at least most of them – in one long crossover episode that practically amounted to a 2hr or so movie!


Yes, I know it took me ages, but I finally had time to post my thoughts on Invasion, the TV team up we have been all waiting for and never thought would be possible to have, So… eventhough it´s been like a week or so since it… here are my thoughts.

Anyhow, when I heard Supergirl was going to continue on the CW, I knew they had to include her in a crossover sooner or later, in whichever form they could. In fact, I was so excited that my friends and I agreed to wait ´til all the episodes were out so we could watch them as a 2hr movie, and I even got my brothers to watch it!

That being said, I´m a little disappointed that Supergirl -the show- wasn´t part of the crossover; but I can understand the logistics still being kind of wonky and  the fact that making Supergirl part of the main earth in which all events happen, would signify severe changes for the series -and maybe the other ones to-, so… I guess I´m ok with it.

Therefore, since the storyline was really divided in 3 series, I thought it would be a good idea to do the same with my review. So… Invasion!

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 3 “Welcome to Earth”.- Aliens! Aliens Everywhere!


suergirl_miss_martian_debutSeriously, how many aliens are there living in Supergirl´s earth?!, How come the D.E.O. doesn´t know about them? Do they know about them?

´Cause there´s a whole bar they didn´t know about so one has to wonder how many other bars are there.

And, if Supergirl´s president is pushing an Alien Amnesty Act, there must be at least hundreds if not thousands of them, right?, right?

Anyway in my last review I mentioned a little about how Supergirl seemed to be treating aliens as a kind of commentary on immigration, and I guess now no one can say that´s not the case since this week Supergirl went full on political with the whole aliens as legal citizens and the introduction of its madame president.

So.. how did this go? Well, let’s see:

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 2 “The Last Children of Krypton”.- Almost Perfect


Me being late to review Supergirl and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. seems to be becoming a tradition -I have to break it, and I have to do it now-.

Anyhow, the season premiere was good, pretty good, in fact, I´d say great; except that for all that I liked the episode, I felt like something was missing. I still don´t know what that “something” was but what I do know is that the second episode, the second episode was awesome!

s02e02_35It had it all! It was funny, had great action, touching moments and even some drama. As I said this episode pretty much had it all, to the point of being almost perfect or at least in my book, which is why I can only hope that Supergirl continues to do as well as in this episode, on a week to week basis.

Anyway… on to The Last Children of Krypton:

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 1 “The Adventures of Supergirl”.- Welcome to your New Home


supergirl-season-2-posterIt´s back! It´s finally back! And I couldn´t be more happy about it. Last season Supergirl was on the list of shows I enjoyed the most. It´s also one of the ones I was the most excited to see return and honestly speaking the one I worried the most about. What with the whole being renewed or not and then, moving to The CW.

I mean, is not like I´m not grateful to the network for picking up the series and not letting it die -although I think it should have been in the CW from the get go-, but… at the same time, I couldn´t help but worry, especially after what has happened to my enjoyment of Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow not being to my liking and The Flash…, well my feelings on that show are almost as complicated as the timelines shown there.

The point is that I was concerned, and the new casting announcements did little to reassure me, in fact. I´d even go as far as saying that they only managed to worry me even more.

And I know that new characters aren´t necessarily a bad thing, sometimes they can be great!, but after what happen to Arrow and his super crowded storylines, and Legends cast without a clear direction nor development, well… yeah I worried.

Luckily, The Adventures of Supergirl was a fun, entertaining, and quite well-rounded episode; so… while I´m still not 100% sure the series won´t go downhill at some point; I´m cautiously optimistic? Anyway, to the episode.

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The Flash Season 2 Finale Episode 23 “The Race of His Life”.-So… who cares about the timeline, right?


It´s not just me, right? right? That´s exactly where we´ll be when we get back in October -is it in October?- when the series comes back.

And just when I thought I´d stop watching comic book based series…, well with the exception Riverdale ´cause Archie! -have I mentioned that I love it know!-, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Supergirl and maybe…, you know what forget it.

The point is that curiosity is what will bring me back for season 3, ´cause God knows nothing else would be able to do so.

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Supergirl Season 1 Finale Episode 20 “Better Angels”.- What´s in the pod?!



Ok CBS I need you to renew Supergirl, I really need you to do it, and I need you to do it now! ´Cause there´s no way I´m going to be able to survive the summer unless I know for a fact that Supergirl is coming back.

So Supergirl, besides the problems I have had with the show´s cheesiness from time to time -I don´t want to talk about episodes like Worlds Finest, Solitude, and Myriad-, I have to say that I truly enjoyed this first season and the season finale. Continue reading