Supergirl-Flash-Arrow-Legends Crossover: Invasion! “Who was the Winner?”


The moment we were all waiting for finally came! We had all of the CW´s DC superheroes -or at least most of them – in one long crossover episode that practically amounted to a 2hr or so movie!


Yes, I know it took me ages, but I finally had time to post my thoughts on Invasion, the TV team up we have been all waiting for and never thought would be possible to have, So… eventhough it´s been like a week or so since it… here are my thoughts.

Anyhow, when I heard Supergirl was going to continue on the CW, I knew they had to include her in a crossover sooner or later, in whichever form they could. In fact, I was so excited that my friends and I agreed to wait ´til all the episodes were out so we could watch them as a 2hr movie, and I even got my brothers to watch it!

That being said, I´m a little disappointed that Supergirl -the show- wasn´t part of the crossover; but I can understand the logistics still being kind of wonky and  the fact that making Supergirl part of the main earth in which all events happen, would signify severe changes for the series -and maybe the other ones to-, so… I guess I´m ok with it.

Therefore, since the storyline was really divided in 3 series, I thought it would be a good idea to do the same with my review. So… Invasion!

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The Flash Season 2 Finale Episode 23 “The Race of His Life”.-So… who cares about the timeline, right?


It´s not just me, right? right? That´s exactly where we´ll be when we get back in October -is it in October?- when the series comes back.

And just when I thought I´d stop watching comic book based series…, well with the exception Riverdale ´cause Archie! -have I mentioned that I love it know!-, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Supergirl and maybe…, you know what forget it.

The point is that curiosity is what will bring me back for season 3, ´cause God knows nothing else would be able to do so.

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