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Season of Changes (Temporada de Cambios)


Almost 2 years ago, I started this blog as a way to practice my writing both in English and Spanish, as well as a form to be less lazy about writing. It´s enough to say I have failed since my last post was in September and the year is almost over.

Usually, by this point, I´d have thrown the towel, and abandoned this blog, but this time I couldn´t do it seems like this blog means more to me than I thought. I like to write what I think about the stuff I enjoy and have people read it. So no, I´m not abandoning this blog, though due to lack of time, some changes will have to be made.

Some of this changes have already taken place, and others will happen progressively, but it´s enough to say that from now on I´ll try to post at least every 2 weeks -which may complicate some other stuff- and to make my posts shorter.

I´ve thought about doing some kind of podcasting to deal with my weekly episode reviews ´cause I don´t like to be on screen, but I´m still unsure on how to make that work, anyhow thanks to all of you that still follow this blog and have taken the time to read this, I hope the changes are for good and to your liking, and for you to still follow me on this journey.



Hace casi dos años, inicie este blog como una forma de prácticar mi escritura, tanto en Inglés como en Español -pero sobre todo Inglés-, y una manera de ayudarme a ser menos floja a la hora de escribir. Sobra decir que fracase, en vista de que mi último post fue por  septiembre y estamos terminando el año. 

En fin… usualmente en este punto, ya habría tirado la toalla, y habría olvidado este blog, sin embargo, esta vez no he podido hacerlo, al parecer este blog significa más para mi de lo que pense. Me gusta escribir lo que pienso sobre cosas que disfruto y que la gente lo lea. Asi que no, no abandonare este blog, sin embargo… debido a falta de tiempo,  algunos cambios ocurriran.

Algunos de estos cambios ya son notorios, y otros seran progresivos, pero basta con decir que de ahora en adelante tratare de postear por lo menos cada 2 semanas -lo cual puede que complique un poco algunas cosas- y de hacer post más cortos.

He pensado en hacer una clase de podcasting para lidiar con mis reseñas de episodios semanales ya que no me gusta aparecer en pantalla, pero aún no estoy segura de como hacer que eso funcione en fin…, gracias a todos aquellos que aun siguen este blog y que se han tomado la molestia de leer esto, espero que estos cambios sean para bien y sean de su agrado y me sigan acompañando en este viaje.


about me

Late Blooming

snow-snowdrop_2478128cFor must of my childhood, I was considered an early bloomer, and usually, that meant I hardly shared interests with my classmates. However, even if my tastes were classified as mature, I think I´m more of a late bloomer.

During my childhood I wasn´t really interested in dressing myself up, putting on makeup, doing my nails, dressing my hair, boys nor all the other girly stuffs I was supposed to like and is not until now that I´m in my middle 20´s that I have found interest in doing my nails, putting makeup and trying to look more girly -trying beeing the clue word ´cause at heart I´m a tomboy-

Blogging is just another of this late blooming things for me although it isn´t because I was never interested.

During my University years, one of my teachers asked us to make blogs of every subject he taught us -there were 3- and post our homework there. It was and interesting excercise and must of us loved it; thinking about it, may be it was then that the idea or el gusanito -like we say in my country- of wanting to make a blog came.

Unluckly it was also back then when I discovered I´m a potato with technology; at times Twitter can be difficult for me, and let´s not talk about instagram or god forbid tumblr. Facebook is as far as my skills with social media go, so… blogging was out of questions; and yet here I am trying again, all beacause I really want to excercise my professional writting about what I like; something that real life doesn´t alow me to do as means of income.

Therefor here´s my blog, a kind of experiment of how far I can go, how much I can commit and hopefully a means to do what I love.

´Cause I´m a native spanish speaker some of my entries will be in spanish, ´cause even if I like and want to practice my english, I don´t want and I won´t forget that spanish, is my natural language.