Super Sons: Up up and away?

All-time favorites

cefgrokwaaaqxsdSo…, I´m starting to think the Comic book Gods have something against me ´cause first Marvel cancels Spider-woman -I meant to write about it, but I was really upset-, then I hear that Laura Kinney´s run as Wolverine is coming to a close and now! Now! DC is canceling Super Sons?

Like seriously? why? Super Sons is one of the best things to come from the whole DC Rebirth! -along with Jonathan Kent as Superboy, but that pretty much comes hand in hand so there-, I mean I know that the plan is apparently to have both Damian and Jon in the new Young Justice comic -probably written by Tomasi-, but still!

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Countdown to 12.- Comics at the Top and Bottom of my Shelf

All-time favorites

First were books, then movies, and now with the year about to end here are my favorite and least favorite comics of the year!

Just like with the other list, this is divided on my top 6 and bottom 6, which don´t necessarily reflect the best or worst comics of the year, just the ones that I liked the most and least.

So… here we go!

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Superman American Alien: Who wants to be an American Hero?

Since I mostly seem to read and write about Marvel comics, it seemed fair that coming back to this little corner of my blog, I´d  go with a DC title that I´m loving and will be sad to see go, and that´s Superman American Alien!

Those who now me in person, are aware of the fact that I´m not a big Superman fan, I not a Batman fan either -but that´s more ´cause I personally think that the character is way overrated-, so I´m unaware as to what possessed me to start reading this comic; was it the art?, the glowing reviews I read and heard? the fact that it was a limited series?

Well… I guess it truly doesn´t matter, the point is that I´m a big fan now and I´m anxious to see what the big DC Rebirth does for the character -I really hope someone is able to imitate what Max Landis was able to do here-.

My problem with Superman has always been similar to my troubles with Captain America, I could never relate to him, he was always too powerful, too good and straightforward, etc., to be of my liking; but this time, I actually had fun reading about the character. Continue reading

Silk´s last days: Interweb feelings

I have stated this before and I´ll do it again, I´m not a big spider-man fan. Don´t get me wrong I like spidey and I watched his cartoons when I was younger, but… he has never been my favorite character. So…, I almost never pick up any of the spider-man comic book events.

Spider-verse was the exception. I don´t remember quiet well how I got into the spider-verse, maybe it was while reading Spider-woman, or I may have looked for it after reading about Spider-Gwen, the point is that I read it and liked it!

In that event that assembled spider people -and spider animals- from the whole multiverse, is where I met Gwen Stacey as a spider-woman and Cindy Moon as Silk.

At the beginning and for almost all of the spider-verse event, Spider-Gwen was the one that pulled my attention; so much that I decided to read her solo comic -more of that in another entry-, but as I was reading Spider-woman I had the opportunity to see some of Silk´s traits; that got me curious so… I began following her comic too.

Between the two comics, I though for sure that the one I was going to follow fervently was Spider-Gwen, but… Silk surprised me, the art was gorgeous, her character had a nice and likable personality, an interesting and somehow mysterious background, and more than everything a purpose: finding her family.

All of this are the reason why I kept reading Silk and I started to like her; usually I don´t buy issues of a comic if they are not part of a bigger event -like the “spider-verse” one- ´cause in my country is difficult to know how far/if the publishing company is going to continue with the titles it has right now, but Silk was one of those titles that I consider buying. And now it´s gone… Continue reading

M.O.D.O.K. Assasin: Mental Organism Designed Only for… Loving?

If you had told me a couple of months ago, that M.O.D.O.K. would be the main protagonist of one of my favorite comics to come from the whole Secret Wars event, I´d have asked you: in what universe?

55ae8d3ebd85b.jpgI have never liked M.O.D.O.K., probably because I never got his appeal -his design was horrible, he never really seemed like a threat and honestly he reminded me of that annoying know it all kid that seems to be present in every classroom-; and even though I read his short story on Battleworld #1 -I think- and thought of it as entertaining, M.O.D.O.K. just wasn´t my cup of tea.

So… what changed? Nothing really, just that starting Secret Wars I decided to go in and read as many tie-ins as it was possible and M.O.D.O.K Assassin #1 written by Chris Yost and draw by Amilcar Pinna, happened to be one of the first ones I read, and I haven´t regretted it yet. Continue reading